Saturday, May 29, 2010

Have A Happy Memorial Day

My tribute to the troops this year is a little different.

I want to do a follow up on a blog I did a couple of days ago.

A veteran was told by an apartment complex to remove his American flag. He refused, it made it into the national media, and then onto the internet. The management company was forced to relent and allow the flag.

Wisconsin Army Veteran Allowed to Keep Flag on Display

A Wisconsin Army veteran -- who faced eviction this week for flying the American flag -- will now be allowed to keep the flag up for as long as he wants.

Under mounting nationwide protest, Charlie Price, 28, of Oshkosh, Wis., and officials at Midwest Realty Management struck a "mutual agreement" that allows the veteran to continue displaying the patriotic symbol, according to a statement posted on the company's website on Thursday.

Randy Rich, the apartment complex's property manager, told that Midwest Realty Management received nearly 4,000 e-mails and thousands of phone calls in connection to the controversy.

A Facebook group created by Dawn Price, "Freedom to Display the American Flag," had roughly 2,000 members on Wednesday. As of early Friday, that number had grown to more than 44,000.

I salute Mr and Mrs Price for standing up for their rights to fly the flag and all of the Americans who stood up and said they were not going to tolerate this.

We are seeing this more and more lately in which conservatives are taking a stance against anti-Americanism and fighting it wherever it is.

I can think of no more fitting tribute to those that have given their lives defending America than to have the Americans they were defending take up the fight in their absence.

Note: I am away until Monday and am putting my blog on moderate. I will have limited internet time so please do not feel slighted if I do not respond to comments right away. Have a safe, reflective, and pleasant holiday weekend.



cube said...

I'm glad Price was allowed to fly his flag. I can't believe he was hounded about it in the first place.

Happy and safe Memorial day weekend wishes to you and your family.

Brooke said...

Good for the Prices.

I do wonder what that 'agreement' was they came to with that unpatriotic management company was?

Have a good Memorial Day, Chuck.

MK said...

"The management company was forced to relent and allow the flag."

Excellent news, i read about this earlier in the week too, really glad to hear that many good folks stood up and shamed the company into doing the right thing.

It's long overdue that we started fighting back and pushing them back.

God bless the soldiers.

Chuck said...

Cube, agreed and thanks

Brooke, I suspect it was that the Price's could fly the flag, pure and simple

MK, agreed.

Karen Howes said...

Now if it were the MEXICAN flag...

Have a great holiday weekend, Chuck.

Always On Watch said...

My flag is flying for Memorial Day. We don't have a neighborhood association here to forbid my displaying our flag. But even if we did, I'd break the rules and refuse to pay the fine.

In my view, any regulation forbidding the flying of our nation's flag is an act of treason and should be dealt with as such.

Z said...

I still can't quite get over the fact that the flag was flying in his WINDOW, IN his home, not over his house, not over his neighbor's lawn..and it was prohibited.

This is great news that they relented! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

I hope you had a nice time away..

Chuck said...

Karen, I was thinking the same thing

AOW, and ignored. Actually when we bought our current house 5 years ago we looked at a house with a neighborhood association. I couldn't get out of the house fast enough

Z, agreed. This is kind of like the atheists, they don't believe so no one else should. Thanks, we had a good time

Ticker said...

AOW you are absolutely correct. Treason is too good of a word.

We had a similar incident here in Texas about the time I was looking for a home. It happened in Highland Village, Texas, a community just the other side of Lake Lewisville. The gentleman , a retired WW2 and Korean War Veteran was told by the HOA that he could not have a flag pole nor could he fly his flag on his own property..
I discovered the story after I had placed an offer on a house in that area. I withdrew the offer immediately after contacting the HOA and they said they would fine him and that our Nations flag could not be flown but of course they tried to downplay the situation by saying that no type of flag could be flown.
The real meaning of the rule was that silly flags that one often sees in yards with pumpkins and flowers and other things could not be flown. That rule only gave them the excuse to deny the Vet the right to fly the US Flag.
The town council was contacted and all I got was excuses and BS from all but one of the members. Needless to say, I do not live in their community. About 3 months later the HOA relented and allowed the pole and the flag to fly. The good news is that none of the council was re-elected with the exception of the one member who spoke up in favor of the Vet.
The HOA leadership has been replaced as well. You see, this is Texas and folks here don't cotton to outsiders trying to demean our country.

Taking a stand can be costly but in this case the cost was well worth it.
The vet , the council member and I have coffee on a regular basis and have done so now for over 4 years. I will miss them when I relocate this month.

Chuck said...

Ticker, I simply refuse to live under a HOA. I am not letting anyone tell me what I can do with my yard

Ticker said...

HOA's are different from one community to another. Some are there basically to see that certain standards are met in regard to appearance of the properties in the community. Some basically are there for the general upkeep of the common property.
Then there are those that will tell you what dang color of flowers you can plant and where you can place a planter on your porch. I've dealt with that kind before and they are a pain in the butt but not as big a pain as "the Ticker" can be. hahah.

Chuck said...

Ticker, I agree. We looked at a house with a neighborhood association and were assured that it was pretty low key and not intrusive. My concern was it was not a real big complex and it would only take a few houses changing hands for the whole demeanor of the association to change.