Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pass This On

Wisconsin Veteran Must Remove Flag After Memorial Day, Wife Says

An Army veteran in Wisconsin will be allowed to display an American flag until Memorial Day, but the symbol honoring his service in Iraq and Kosovo must come down next Tuesday, his wife told

Dawn Price, 27, of Oshkosh, Wis., said she received a call from officials at Midwest Realty Management early Wednesday indicating that she and her husband, Charlie, would be allowed to continue flying the American flag they've had in their window for months through the holiday weekend. The couple had previously been told they had to remove the flag by Saturday or face eviction due to a company policy that bans the display of flags, banners and political or religious materials.

"It's basically an extension so we can fly the flag on Memorial Day," Price told "It does need to come down after that."

Charlie Price, 28, served tours of duty as a combat engineer in Iraq and Kosovo, his wife said. To honor his eight years of service, she began decorating their apartment during Veterans Day in November. An American flag topped off the display, she said.

I have nothing to add to this except to say it's horseshit.

Pass it on. If your on Facebook, add this woman. Do what you can to stop nonsense like this.


LASunsett said...

I'd move and organize a boycott of the place, just as soon as my lease was up.

Z said...

When I saw the title "..must remove flag, wife says", I thought the WIFE was the problem :-)

This flag is IN THEIR HOME, in the window and it has to come down? IN THEIR WINDOW?

I'm hoping this wife puts her Christmas tree in the window and leaves it up for weeks after Christmas...think they'll get a call telling her to take it down, the holiday's over, the symbol has to go?

This is insane....imagine ANY country telling citizens to take their flag down? WHO is it UPSETTING?

Brooke said...

I'd move before I gave that company one more cent of rent money.


Chuck said...

LA, I think they need to change the law to include renters

Z, you have to wonder if it would be okay if they put up a Mexican flag?

Brooke, well put

Z said...

Chuck...who'd have the guts to say TAKE IT DOWN?