Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quote Of The Week

"People that are here, who are law abiding, are hardworking, been paying their taxes, have an opportunity to get in the back of the line, pay a fee and begin the process of legalization,"

Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz.

I have been doing this quote of the week for about a year or so and this has to be one of the dumber ones I've posted.

The sad thing is, this idiot doesn't get it. In their mind illegals, if they haven't committed murder or another crime, are law abiding citizens.

This is exactly why we will not have immigration reform in this country. People like this cannot seem to acknowledge that what the immigrants are doing is illegal.


cube said...

I agree with you, Chuck, they just don't get it. First of all, illegal immigrants are already breaking the law by being in this country illegally so the 'law abiding' argument goes down the drain.

Secondly, I find it hard to believe that they've been 'paying their taxes'. OK, maybe they're
paying sales tax, but if they're illegal, the IRS doesn't know who they are and they're skipping all those other taxes many Americans must pay.

This is just a shell game designed to make good-hearted Americans feel bad for these folks who just want a better life.

I know, why don't you good people stay in Mexico and fix the cess pool that you have allowed your country to become and we won't have to worry about it here in the USA.

Ticker said...

Of course he doesn't consider them criminal, they vote for him. But then again that would , in my opinion, make them criminal.

Phill Senters said...
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Phill Senters said...

What part of "Illegal Immigrant" can't they understand?...It isn't a question of whether they understand it. That's all smoke and mirrors... They don't WANT to stop them from coming here nor do they want to send them home. The Mexican/Latino community in America is a huge block of voters for the Democrats. You're right on, Chuck. We will not have immigration reform in this country as long as our so-called leaders continue to buy votes by twisting, bending, ignoring, and trashing our United States laws and Constitution.

Chuck said...

Cube, by definition they are not law abiding

Ticker, good argument

Phil, it just keeping them in power. If they have to sell out the US, so be it.

jo oliver said...

Thanks Phil for recommending this blog. Love it. I couldn't agree more. It is so hard for concerned citizens and politicians to fix the illegal immigration problem when so many can not admit or comprehend that these folks are here illegally. It really doesn't matter what the reason is that they are is kind of like someone who steals. Yeah, the person might have a good reason to steal, such as they have three hungry kids and no job, but the fact steal remains that it does not give them a right to take what does not belong to them. Illegal immigrants are doing the same thing. They might have poor conditions in their home country, but does that give them a right to do what they are doing- I say no.

Sam Huntington said...

Phil, let's not offer them that question because it contains two words --taxing to even the brightest liberal. Instead, let's focus on "illegal." If we can work through that word, then we can go on to the second.

MK said...

Exactly Chuck, the other thing is, who the heck said they paid their taxes, last i checked, if you're illegal, there's nothing forcing you to pay any taxes.

Brooke said...

You just can't fix stupid, I think.

Z said...

Ticker, great line!

America's been rewarding people who don't work in many ways for years...I guess rewarding lawbreakers had to be the next step.

LomaAlta said...

Chuck, it is worse than that. People such as Grijalva are racist and their loyalty is to Mexico not America.

Mustang said...

It is the double standard employed by liberals that does me in. Now just imagine any one of us going to Mexico and pulling half the crap these illegals do here on a daily basis. I can guarantee that within a short period of time, our genitals would be hooked up to a EE-8 and we'd be demanding our right to consult with an attorney.

Oh wait. They don't have that right in Mexico. Sorry.

Hayden said...

Illegal is a term many politicians don't "get" or at least are pros at dodging.

Ticker said...

Brooke, you are totally correct. The only cure for stupid is dying. It's the only cure and is as permanent as stupid.

Chuck said...

Jo, glad you stopped by. Agree with your point about the illegals not being excused. Also, the irony is they are helping destroy their country by leaving

Sam, agreed - let's keep it small words and go slow for the libs

MK, right and we support them

Brooke, agreed

Z, it's a natural progression. Also, as I have said - legality is a foreign concept when you do not have a moral base

LomaAlta, and they say all they want is to be an American

Mustang, heh heh. Also, ask for an interpreter when you have to go to the hospital. I bet one is there waiting for you

Hayden, it's a way of life for them