Friday, May 14, 2010

This Man Needs An Ass-Beating

Dad Forced Naked Son, 9, Into Oven in New York Home

A nine-year-old boy was forced naked into an oven by his father at the family's townhouse in New York after rummaging in his dad's wallet, reported on Friday.

The incident happened in the Graniteville neighborhood of Staten Island at about 9 p.m. ET Wednesday, according to a spokesman for District Attorney Daniel Donovan.

The boy was put in an unlit oven by 6-foot-3 James Moss, 52, before being forced to hold his hands over an open flame on the burner for two minutes, stated court papers.

The child, who was treated for second and third degree burns at Staten Island University Hospital in South Beach, was hit with a spatula, smacked on the face and dragged across the floor by Moss, according to police.

Moss was charged with second-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child and was remanded to Rikers Island, New York City's main jail complex, after he failed to post a $15,000 bail or bond.

I hope this man gets a long time in prison and I hope he spends that entire time getting his ass whipped.

This is evil.

I sit here and I think of this. He made a naked child crawl into an oven. He made him hold his hands over an open flame (he almost certainly had to hold them, a 9 year old would not do this on his own). He drug him across the floor. He hit him with a spatula.

All because he went through his wallet. No, wait, that part is irrelevant. It doesn't matter what the kid did, he didn't deserve this treatment.

This was not abuse, this was torture.

Give this man life, put him in general population in the most over-crowded under-funded hell hole prison available, and wish him a good long life. This child spent time in hell, let his dad do his time now.

My bet is that the hardened criminals in a place like this can put this dude to productive use.


Mustang said...

This country is on a serious down hill spiral.

Aside from what the father did, his behavior convinces government to meddle more into family affairs; Americans have asked for "more" government. It is no wonder courts tend to prohibit parental discipline.

Years ago, while living in CA ... a friend of mine was having so much trouble with his teenaged daughter he was beyond his wits. He ended up consulting with an attorney who suggested that he commit his daughter to a juvenile institution; she went in for two years; it cost him $40K a year (not including attorney's fees).

The story is truly disgusting ...

Katie said...

I heard about this on my local talk radio, how awful. I can't believe the judge put his bail so low! I can only imagine what other things that poor kid has been through, that kind of extreme abuse doesn't come out of nowhere.

The Rattler - III said...

$15,000 bail? Maybe a good ass kicking of the judge too. Or they could just drop the charges and he could go on a camping trip with some of my friends and I. III

Phill Senters said...

The really sad part is the kid. Will he become like his father and abuse his own kids, or maybe withdraw into himself and live in fear the rest of his life? Either way, it won't end well for him.

MK said...

Oh yeah, just let the inmates know and he won't have to serve much time in prison, they'll 're-educate' him quick smart.

Chuck said...

Mustang, I just want him out of society

Katie, that is what I was thinking - dad didn't just wake up one day and decide to do this

Rattler, I thought of that too. The judge doesn't seem to be taking this very seriously

Phil, right. It's hard to "fix" something like this with counseling

MK, put him in a cell with a father

Z said...

Quick, read him his Miranda's, right? (geeeZ)
THIS IS AWFUL...Mustang's right, our country is on a very serious down hill spiral.
I also wonder how this poor child will fare after having been treated like this...can't be the first time this father did something so awful

LASunsett said...

Put him a room with me for 20 minutes or so.

Chuck said...

Z, your right - this kid is likely broken. It would be hard to overcome this type of abuse

LA, I agree.

Ticker said...

Unfortunately these cases are usually tried in Juvenile court or Family court rather than criminal court. That is why the bail is so low. The max sentence for what these criminals do is much lighter in Juvenile court or Family Court that it would be in Criminal Court. The courts claim it is better for the victim to have the hearing as it is called in the lower courts rather than to subject them to the rigors of Criminal Court. I think they are wrong but then that is just my opinion. I testified as an expert witness in a case of child molestation(rape is what it was of a 9 year old)e back some years ago
The criminal received less than 10 years and served it at a state pen close by. While he was in the pen the family was allowed to visit. The visits were in a large area similar to a cafeteria restaurant style setting, with booths that were semi private. While visiting this criminal was having sex with the same child that he had raped and was witnessed by several inmates PLUS the prision Social Worker. One of the inmates reported it to an outside person and the others reported it to the prison officials. The officials did NOTHING. The local DCFS investigated but the warden would not allow them to do a proper investigation such as questioning the criminal or the prison SOCIAL WORKER. The warden said it was his jurisdiction and he would handle it. A special court order was obtained and a special investigator was appointed, that would be me. I had to fight the warden every step of the way. The criminal was tried on the second charge as well as the mother who witnessed and allowed the sex to take place. She was sentenced in Juvenile court hearing and received 7 years. The criminal was tried in Criminal Court due to my insistence as well as that of the States Attorney in Springfield. In this trial the criminal received 20years, which was not enough. He was transferred to another facility due to threats on his life. After the transfer, which was done in secret, he was at the other facility for about 3 weeks when he was found dead in the shower. All his internal organs were ruptured. The inmates beat the criminal to death with wet towels which left no marks on the outside other than a few red places and they were gone by the time the criminal was discovered.
Justice was served. Hopefully such justice will be done to this criminal. Inmates have very little use for child rapist or abusers.
We cna only hope because he will other wise be on the street again in probably less than 18 months.

Sorry this is so long but I get really pissed when I hear of such cases and know that the criminal will escape with a very light sentence and the child will suffer the consequences for their entire life.

Chuck said...

Ticker, never apologize for the length. I enjoyed reading it.

Thanks for the insight.

It's a sick world when we let these guys off so lightly. In my opinion, if you are so f'ed up to do this once you will do it again. The only real solution then is to remove the person from the street and protect the public.

cube said...

What parent could do this to their child? Let me rephrase that, what person could do this to any child? Period. I only hope the kid can recover from this horrific act.

Chuck said...

Cube, you wouldn't do this to an animal. It was sick

Ticker said...

Chuck, abusers will always continue to abuse until taken down. The bleeding hearts would call it a "sickness". As a psychologist, I disagree, it is learned behavior. A child can be directed in another direction if help is there at an early age but even then there is a possibility that that learned behavior will surface at some point in their life as adults. I have witnessed too many cases of this occurring.
Sad, but true.

cube said...

Chuck, I wouldn't do this to a bug and I HATE bugs.

Chuck said...

Ticker, thanks for the insight

Cube, agreed