Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where Is Bill Clinton When You Need Him?

FBI Awaits Lab Results on White Powder Sent to Arizona Governor's Office

Law enforcement officials are awaiting lab results on a white powder that spilled out of an envelope addressed to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Tuesday. The discovery of the powder briefly closed the State Capitol in Phoenix and sent Hazmat teams scrambling.

State police, Capitol police and the FBI are continuing to investigate after Phoenix's Capitol Tower was placed on lockdown for about an hour after a staffer opened the letter in the governor's offices there, the Arizona Republic reported.

A spokesman for the FBI's field office in Phoenix said a laboratory run by the state's Health Department has conducted tests on the white powder. He could not confirm whether the envelope was hand-addressed or contained any note or threat in addition to the substance. No one was sickened by the powder.

The incident has heightened tensions in Arizona, where protesters have targeted Brewer since she signed a controversial immigration bill into law last month.

Brewer has become the law's symbolic stand-in, widely vilified during pro-immigration protests that hit a peak on Saturday, the annual celebration of May Day. Some demonstrators in Dallas carried signs depicting Brewer in Nazi uniform with her arm extended in a stiff Nazi salute, the Associated Press reported.

Isn't this exactly what Clinton was talking about when he said the rhetoric on the right could turn into violence by some followers?

Oh, wait, this is different.

In this case, someone on the left actually committed a violent act because of the rhetoric coming from those on the left.


Brooke said...

"Isn't this exactly what Clinton was talking about when he said the rhetoric on the right could turn into violence by some followers?"


Where is Clinton and his ilk now? Why aren't they trying to discourage this kind of behavior that the left so easily performs? Why project what THEY are onto conservatives?

MK said...

Good question, where is that hypocritical sack of s!@&

I hope someone does track the slimeball down and make him squirm around a bit. Him and the leftist vermin that sent that letter.

Leslie said...

Remember the whole DHS memo about right wing extremists turning violent as well? Hmmm...

I hope Gov. Jan Brewer remains strong during her moment(s) of abuse. I hope she doesn't fold.

Chuck said...

All, check out this movie coming out in September.

Brooke and MK, it's just like racism - the left practices it and the right gets accused of it

Leslie, she seems dug in

Phill Senters said...

Question....Is Obama deliberately stirring the immigrate stew by misrepresenting Arizona's new law, or are we supposed to think nobody at the White House has read it.

Chuck said...

Phil who knows what the Hell he's doing?

cube said...

Accusing the right of behavior that the left practices regularly is a tired tactic that seems to work only on the ill-informed members of our society. Unfortunately, there seem to be many such people thanks to the propaganda of the MSM.