Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Contents May Not Be Suitable For All Family Members

This was from a statement inside the book purchased from Amazon. com

Now don't you feel better knowing Amazon is looking out for your children?

Hat tip to iOwnTheWorld.com


MK said...

I'm just speechless.

Always On Watch said...

Parents need to scrutinize all materials to which their children are exposed. Leftism everywhere!

gramma2many said...

I nearly choked when I saw that last night.

Z said...

Chuck, is this a joke? They're not only not teaching the constitution anymore but there is a WARNING now?

I just read a Christian book with this exact warning inside and couldn't figure out why it was there except it warned against some types of sins and touted the kind of life we all aspire to. It was shocking then, but this tops it ALL.

Has any group stood up to this? A WARNING ON OUR CONSTITUTION???

Z said...

I just added your post to my newest post..........it sure did fit in.
let me know what you think and thanks.xxxx

Brooke said...


cube said...

I hope this is a joke because if it isn't, I fear we have gone over the tipping point.

Craig and Heather said...

The Constitution is described as "a classic work"?

I wonder if it is filed under "historical fiction" as well?



Karen Howes said...

WOW. Well, I guess the Constitution is "hate speech"!

Leslie said...

So glad to know that the Constitution of the United States has now been rated PG-13.

We wouldn't want our children reading it unadulterated and learning the original concepts and purposes of it, now would we?

Anonymous said...

Beck had this on his show yesterday. It's unbelievable.

Are we sure this disclaimer was put on there by Amazon or the publisher.....or?


Chuck said...

I sure do wish this were a joke but I don't think it is. I am on my way out of town and wasn't even going to put up ma post last night because I knew I wouldn't be able to respond very well but I just couldn't let this go.

Pris, good point. To be fair I don't know if it was Amazon or the publisher

heidianne jackson said...

i did a little bit of research on this a few days ago and it appears to be from the publisher. maybe you’d like to write a letter directly to:

a & d publishing
p.o. box 3005
radford,va 24143-3005

or contact: wilder publications http://www.wilderpublications.com/

if you DO contact them, REMEMBER be respectful. it only takes one nasty comment or sign to paint everyone else with a broad rightwing/racist etc. brush. show them more respect than they've show to our founding documents.