Monday, June 7, 2010

What Do You Think About This?

I was watching the news last week and the meeting between Arizona Governor Brewer and Obama was being discussed.

A largely unnoticed part of the story caught my attention.

During the meeting the SEIU was holding a protest outside the White House against Arizona and Brewer.

My question is this; What the Hell does immigration have to do with organized labor? Why would a union be protesting an immigration law this energetically (there appeared to be quite a few people at the protest)?

Keep in mind that there is a very close and cozy relationship between Obama and the SEIU. Andrew Stern, President of the SEIU, is the most frequent visitor to the White House. In one 6 month period alone he visited 22 times.

So, why was the SEIU there on this day? How did they organize a protest like this on a fairly short notice? This meeting was not set very far in advance.

Watching this I was reminded of a Central American Banana Republic or one of the former Communist states in which the dictator of a country stages protests to give the appearance of support for their position.

Is this what we have turned into? Are we now nothing more than a Banana Republic? What do you think?


MK said...

"What the Hell does immigration have to do with organized labor?"

A more valid question would be what the hell does a union have to do with workers these days.

These days, unions are just over-priced parasites living off the backs of workers pretending to care about them, when all they're really out to do is further a leftist/socialist agenda.

If anything unions should be all for enforcing immigration laws, last i checked they would have more citizens as members than illegals.

Sam Huntington said...

Unions are struggling to regain ground they lost when America was a mostly capitalist state. This means they are appealing to the sympathies of undocumented workers (aka illegal aliens); you wash my hand, I’ll wash yours. And who knows, when SEIU takes over this country’s capitalist enterprises, maybe they’ll be in a position to put the fix in for the illegal aliens. Oh, and also social justice. Don’t forget that. You see, there shouldn’t be any borders at all. None. And entitlement, too. Don't forget that.

Brooke said...

Unions have long since lost any usefulness they once had; they are now no more than a thug gang and a political lobby.

Mustang said...

What really ticks me off is that we have forgotten what SEIU did at the banker's house. Why no one was arrested for criminal tresspass is beyond my comprehension. Moreover, why no one came out of the house guns a blazing.

I agree with Brooke (mostly because I'm afraid of her). Unions are no more than Obama-Chicago-Mafia style thugs.

Chuck said...

MK, they need to get members some where

Sam, agreed. I could foresee a union trying to organize illegals

Brooke, agreed. I am actually not anti-union and do not want to give that impression. I am from Flint, Michigan where the modern day labor movement was born and unions did give workers a voice. The problem is that they, like their big-business counterparts, have changed into something that is not healthy for the country.

Mustang, they could have started by arresting the police officers that escorted them to the house.

As far as Brooke you would do well fearing her, have you seen that sidearm she packs?

Hayden said...

The SEIU is always looking for more members, more control, more power. Just like the Democrat party, they understand the power play they can make if illegals are given amnesty and won over to their side.

Chuck said...

Hayden, illegals are a gold mine for the Dems

Karen Howes said...

Unions actually have nothing to do with workers anymore, sadly.

The SEIU is probably pretty well-financed.

Z said...

Considering the demographic of the SEIU, it's not too surprising they'd be protesting outside meetings re immigration, but I see your point....that fact about SEIU's founder and his visits to the WHite House is positively scary but isn't it them Obama promised would have a big part in the policy making after he took office? (yikes)
I haven't delved into it, but the weirdest thing I thought happened was Brewer coming out and saying they didn't talk much about the law! Did I get that wrong? :-)

Chuck said...

Karen, unions have gone the way of most other large organizations and have become corrupted with power. I have thought for a long time that a lot of these organizations become solely focused on their own survival and political activism and forget what they exist for in the first place. Look at Right to Life as an example. What do they really do to stop abortions? They still do a lot of fundraising but they have long been more focused on having the money than out fighting for the unborn.

Z, we have Congressional members saying they don't worry about the Constitution. Why should the SEIU?