Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Few Questions For The NAACP

As everyone reading this knows, the NAACP has accused the Tea Party groups of being racist.

While we would all agree that the Tea Party groups are predominately white, we have also all seen many pictures of rallies and events and have seen that people of virtually all ethnicities attend.

Further, one study puts the make up of the Tea Party groups at approximately 25% minority. For the lack of a different number, we will accept the 25% estimate. Even if it is 20%, there is still a fair representation. Not only that but considering where many of the Tea Party groups are popular, the number may very well represent the minority make up for the various areas - for all of the equality folks out there.

So a few questions for the NAACP.

What percentage of your organization is white?

Maybe that's unfair. It is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

So how about Hispanic?


Native American?



Middle Eastern?

Egypt? Libya? Algeria? Morocco? They are African-Americans are they not?

What about the Mediterranean? Many of the people from this area are darker skinned.

Italy? Spain? Turkey?

So, I say in closing. Thank you for protecting us from all of these racists in the Tea Party.


cube said...

Like I said over at Karen Howes' site in reference to the cries of racism of the Tea Party:

Meanwhile USDA official Shirley Sharrod is on video giving a speech to an NAACP group about how she was seeing black farmers losing their land and when it came to helping a white farmer keep his land, she didn't do as much as she could to help. This happened in March, but only when this video came to light did Shirley resign and the NAACP condemn her behavior. I bet this stuff happens all the time, but it's only disavowed when it becomes public.

Phill Senters said...

Whites are fast becoming a minority in America. I think it's about time for a new National Association for the Advancement of White People....The NAAWP

Chuck said...

Cube, now we are being old that Sharrod was misinterpreted. Obama is going to get her her job back

Phil, agreed

MK said...

I don't understand why the Tea Party has to constantly trot out blacks as proof of non-racism.

Are white people not allowed to speak unless they have a black person standing next to them or something. Do white people have to smooch some black ass before they dare to say something these days.

What the @#$% is wrong with you white people, why are you judging yourselves like this. If someone calls you a racist, don't dignify the asshole by defending yourself, call them a racist right back.

If you are guilty until proven innocent, then they must be as well. You folks need to fight fire with fire. Like you said Chuck, call out the naacp, where are your white members racists, where are your asian members racists, which Japanese people did you advance lately racists.

"I think it's about time for a new National Association for the Advancement of White People."

The other angle is every time those naacp assholes utters a word, demand that they be dismantled, after all if it were the NAAWP it'd be branded racist, the same must be applied to the NAACP.

cube said...

It was pressure from BO's White House that got her to resign in the first place. I haven't seen America this racially-charged since the 60's.

Brooke said...

Chuck, you have once again knocked it out of the park!!!

Remember when the Congressional Black Caucus denied membership to a white man a few years back, and nothing came of it?

I am SICK SICK SICK of this blatant, unchallenged racism!

Chuck said...

MK, there's an old trap in which a man is asked "When did you stop beating your wife?" The man, not a wife-beater, replies indignantly "I haven't stopped beating my wife"

We run into this with race, denying yourself a racist only makes you look like one.

What we really need to do is start asking these questions of groups like the NAACP. Make them start defending their practices for a change.

Cube, agreed.

Brooke, it's the old lie that blacks cannot be racist.

Mustang said...

Chuck ... it is far, far worse than you or your wonderful readership think.

Now think ... dishonest media. "If you want to the opposition to shut up, call them racists."

Are there racists? Yes, of course. But I think there is something worse than a racist-- that is someone who will use false accusations in order to intimidate the opposition.

We will never rid ourselves of racism, especially among the so-called black leaders because it has made them vast fortunes. But we can do something about jerk-off journalists by refusing to read any paper that hires them, and you know what? "We don't have to reelect dishonest politicians.

Chuck said...

Mustang, it's the get out of trouble free card.

The NAACP stuck it's foot in it's, well let's say mouth, over the Tea Party racism bit. I think they regret the condemnation because I think it has cost them some credibility. What to do? Pull out the deck of race cards and distract people with some sleight of hand.