Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is The NAACP A Bigoted Organization

By now you all know the NAACP (falsely) accused the Tea Party organizations of being racist.

My friend Z stopped by this morning and made a comment that got me thinking.

What does the public at large think of the NAACP?

We do polls to see how the public views the Tea Party. We do polls on everything.

Why hasn't someone done a poll on the NAACP?

How do you think that poll would turn out?

What do you think the public's opinion of the group would be?

Would they be viewed as racist?


LASunsett said...

//Is the NAACP a bigoted organization?//


//What does the public at large think of the NAACP?//

If you are part of the black public, probably a lot.

If you are in the white guilt public, probably a lot.

If you have a brain and can think for yourself, free from bias and prejudice, if you can judge things on a case by case basis, free from race, color, or creed, probably not much.

//Why hasn't someone done a poll on the NAACP?//

Because they do not want to deal with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson making a racial issue of it, if it doesn't coincide with their preconceived notions of what the outcomes of said polls should be.

In short, they are cowards.

Mustang said...

I absolutely agree with Sunset. I am disgusted that the NAACP can make unfounded accusations about the Tea Party movement, but remain mute about the Black Panther Party.

They have lost all credibility with me. The good news is that there are a lot of black people who share this view. What we must do is stop thinking of the black community as a single entity. There are as many different views among blacks as there is among whites, or Asians, or ....

We must acknowledge that serious money is to be made in the hate and division business. The president of the NAACP simply wants his share. And because there is so much money in the hate business, none of these so-called black leaders want to see racial harmony.

That's my two cents.

Chuck said...

LA, even Fox stays away from this. Bottom line, the NAACP has accomplished it's goals

Mustang, I read an article years ago that one of the tactics like Jesse Jackson is to basically use blackmail. They will make an accusation against a company (usually at least overstated). They then threaten to sue the company. These are cases they know they cannot win but the company pays anyways to stay out of the media.

Mustang said...

It’s true Chuck … and what frosts me is that these companies “roll over.” In my view, it is no more, no less than racketeering. This is how the Rainbow Push Coalition makes its millions. Jesse Jackson wears $2,000 suits —not bad having capitalized on the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. He ought to be in jail, although I understand why he isn’t.

I’m still angry the Frito-Lay company rolled over and cancelled the Frito Bandito; so angry that I haven’t eaten a Frito in over 30 years. I keep wondering how much good publicity these companies would get for standing up to the racketeers.

Always On Watch said...

What do you think the public's opinion of the group would be?

Negative except among most blacks.

Chuck said...

Mustang, we had a coffee house called Beaners here in Michigan. It was called racist so they changed it to Biggby

AOW, I think people may be quite surprised at how low it would be among blacks. In fact I think this is the real reason they will not poll it. A low rating by whites would play into their hands and confirm their suspicions. A low rating by blacks would be devastating.

Z said...

"Bottom line, the NAACP has accomplished its goals"

Exactly so, Chuck. The harm is DONE.
Any explanation by the TPers is viewed as 'too little, too late, too lame' by Americans who believe the NAACP's claims. The WH has said nothing. They won on this one.

Actually, it's almost frightening when you think of it, but I remember when 3 bigwig producers with years of network news experience were hired immediately after Obama took over the WH...and I believe it's these people who've been so effective in the campaign to belittle the Right and work the media articles and things like this NAACP situation JUST RIGHT.

Also, there was the leader of the Penn. Panthers calling for the death of 'white cracker babies' and threatening mixed race couples.......WHERE is the reaction that Pelosi and Napolitano had when they had some white groups put on the DHS terror list? Remember? Did any of them threaten Black children, God forbid?

Chuck said...

Z, with modern media all the left has to do is make an accusation against the right and it becomes truth

Sam Huntington said...

I think the remarks by the NAACP prove that the Hallmark Card company was correct: there are black holes.

Brooke said...

The NAACP is a far more racist organization than the Tea Party could ever hope to be.

Period. Actually, I could damn well guarantee that if you see a 'racist' at a Tea Party function, they are a plant!

Chuck said...

Sam, heh heh

Brooke, I think you dead on both accounts. There have been groups that have said they plant people at Tea Parties

MK said...

I always thought those race-based organizations are really just racist groups. When America had a black president, there is no reason for any 'black' organization. If they want more than just the presidency, they're not after betterment, rather superiority.

Thanks for your prayers by the way, still battling the bastards pox here. :)

Chuck said...

MK, they have never been about equality.

Get well