Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mexican Officials Patrolling Staten Island

Mexican Officials to Patrol Staten Island Following Latest Bias Attack

Police are investigating another assault on a Hispanic man in Staten Island as a possible hate crime -- and the Mexican government is now getting involved as well.

Five men attacked the 40-year-old Mexican man Friday night as he was walking home after a soccer game at Faber Park, cop said. The attackers allegedly pummeled him while yelling anti-Mexican epithets. The man suffered head trauma, a fractured jaw and needed ten stitches above his eye, officials said.

The group of men made off with his backpack.

This is at least the sixth violent, ethnically-charged incident that has taken place in the neighborhood since April, and community leaders are urging residents to remain alert.
According to the Advance, this latest incident has promoted the Mexican Consulate to post personnel in Staten Island until further notice. This move is an effort to safeguard the rights of individuals and effectively assist and provide information to the Mexican residents of this area.

What the hell are we doing letting officials from a foreign government patrol an area in our country?

We are having Americans attacked daily in Mexican border cities. How do you think it would go if we sent American "officials" to patrol in these cities? The Mexican government bitches when we patrol our own cities to protect our citizens from theirs.

Further, is everybody seeing the irony here? There are no Mexican cities that are not owned and controlled by the drug cartels but they have the balls to come to the US to make our streets safer?

I did a little researching on this story because the man is called a construction worker who has called the United States his home for the last five years in this article and a day laborer in another. These terms sound an awful lot like code words for illegal immigrant.

Nowhere can I see mention of his immigration status even though in more than one article I looked at it was reported that the men that attacked him said that he should go back to where he came from.

I have a tendency to think that if he were legal, the articles reporting this statement would have been quick to report that he was a legal immigrant. If for no other reason than to attempt to discredit those of us against illegal immigrants, oops, sorry, undocumented workers.

Finally, reading this article. Knowing it is alleging racial bias. What are the race of the attackers? Doesn't it feel as if the attackers are white? Or is this me reading my own bias into it?

This article said this

a Mexican man walking home from work was approached by two white men shouting anti-Mexican slurs near 281 Brielle Avenue.

Then went on to this

Also on Friday near Faber Park, a Mexican man was beaten by five black men who yelled anti-Hispanic slurs during the incident.

But this article said this

Friday’s beating, which is being investigated by the Hate Crimes Task Force, could be the seventh bias attack by black attackers on Mexican immigrants since April.

Why do you think that it is not being reported that these attacks (it appears at least 7 out of 10) are being perpetrated by blacks?

Do you think they would be reporting the race of the attackers if they were white?

I saw a question a few days ago, it may have been from a fellow blogger, that asked why isn't the media running interviews of white mothers whose sons have been killed by a gang of blacks?

Nice to live in a post racial world, huh?


Brooke said...

Chuck, I don't know what to say! I, for one, would not recognize a foreign officer's authority over me!

And the blatant racism of omission in this story? It is sickening!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Just look at what 18 long months of hope and change has done for our great country. I can hardly wait to get it back. I am truly afraid I will not see it restored to its glory in my lifetime, but I am anxious to see the beginning of the change.
As for the Mexican Government putting people in our cities to protect their people, it is almost laughable, were it not so serious.

cube said...

I was spitting mad when I read about this. What in the @^%$# world are these Mexican officials doing here when they should be patrolling the cesspool that is their own country.

Oh, I need a cup of calming Chamomile tea.

Karen Howes said...

"What the hell are we doing letting officials from a foreign government patrol an area in our country?"

My initial thoughts exactly.

Un-@#$&ing believable.

Always On Watch said...

Why do you think that it is not being reported that these attacks (it appears at least 7 out of 10) are being perpetrated by blacks?

Because blacks mustn't be put in a bad light with BHO in the White House.

There. I've said it.

As for foreign officers patrolling our soil, I'm hopping mad. Those who are supposed to be the ones in authority in the United States have gone insane with the poison of "a nation without borders."

Z said...

I'm with Brooke....I'm speechless (ya, stop laughing!)

This story is UNBELIEVABLE and the Consulate should all be sent home....Oh, except they're busy celebrating the Judge's AZ decision with our DOJ right now...I forgot. Another beer moment, I'm sure. Or champagne?

MK said...

"Nowhere can I see mention of his immigration status...."

Asking is deemed racist now Chuck. Not sure if it's still racist if you're white and the one being questioned though. I'm sure no one cares about that.

It's only the non-existent white racism that people seem to see in every closet and behind every tree these days.

Mustang said...

He was probably beaten by a gang of Hispanics.

Okay, that was only to get everyone's attention.


We should be upset any time any person is beaten by a gang of thugs. His skin color or immigration status is besides the point. That said, assuming this person was a legal resident, no one would beat him if he was carrying a Walther PPK .380. And we could all do with a few less thugs, right?

Chuck said...

Brooke, what are they going to be allowed to do?

Gramma, think of all of the corruption in Mexico and they are coming here to fix us

Cube, brew a whole put it will likely take a couple of cups

Karen, that sums it up

AOW, more of us need to say it. If we re going to fight racism, we need to fight it everywhere

Z, thank Obama for the Supreme Court on the Arizona ruling.

MK, right. I guess one point is that if he were where he belonged this would not have happened.

Mustang, there are no Hispanic gangs.

I do feel bad for the man and do hope he is okay. I witness the results of this kind of violence first hand.

Bottom line though is we do not need Mexican officials patrolling in the US and we do need the media to stop reporting in a way that hides the problem we have with illegal immigration and black racism.

LomaAlta said...

If we didn't obey the Mexican authorities, I bet we would be arrested and prosecuted by our own Dept. of Justice. We know the heavy hand of DOJ and leftists judges and presidents here in AZ.

Of course it is racist reporting. The focus of racism in America is on the left and in minorities. It is their high dollar scam and political propaganda.

Phill Senters said...
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Phill Senters said...

Welcome to Nobama's "Post Racial World" where there is no white race..

Chuck said...

LomaAlta, I thought about that. Disobeying a Mexican official would get the attention of the DOJ.

Phil, good point. Maybe that is what he meant