Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not A Lot Of Good News In This Poll For The Dems

Fox News Poll: Independent Voters 'Disappointed' and 'Angry' With Obama Administration

-The poll found that these swing voters are more likely to vote for the Republican candidate in their district by a 32-25 percent margin -- with 14 percent saying “other” and another 29 percent undecided.

-Many independents -- 55 percent -- are extremely or somewhat likely to vote for a Republican Congressional candidate this year with the "specific intention of providing a check on Democratic control of Congress and the president."

-Nearly one in five self-identified Obama voters in the 2008 election said they feel either disappointed (16 percent) or angry (2 percent).

-Continuing a several month trend, two-thirds of Republican voters are "extremely" (33 percent) or "very" interested (33 percent) in the midterm elections, while just under half of Democrats feel the same way (24 percent "extremely" and 25 percent "very").

A 59 percent majority of voters who are at least very interested in the elections feel disappointed or angry about the Obama administration. By 51-35 percent, these interested voters would back the Republican candidate in their district if they were heading to the voting booth today.

Democrats still support Obama by a wide margin but even this is down by 10%

There is a lot in this poll that shows a very bad year for the Dems in Congress.

That is if the election were to be held today.

Between now and November we have

-More of the Blago trial

-More of the Black Panther's hearings

-Much more about the immigration debate, which still has about 60% going against Obama's stance

-More information coming to light about just how bad Obamakare is

-More Joe Biden talking

-A very likely worsening economy

-More spending by Congress

Strap yourself in folks, this election could be tidal wave.


Z said...

it could be a tidal wave and even COUNT if we could be sure that there won't be voter intimidation or ballot box fraud.
I think the Panther case shouldn't have been dropped and I'm sorry that the mainstream media didn't carry it, but enough people will be alert to it...but,voter fraud? I hope not, but I wouldn't count on there being none.

I sure hope these numbers stick and even improve for OUR SIDE. We've got to be wary of fake tea party candidates who split our tickets and hope obama can't lie himself back into the good graces of voters who aren't paying attention!

I heard a commentator the other day say "If we only win the House, Obama will be able to get NOTHING passed" Music to my ears!

Always On Watch said...

The main thing now, IMO, is for Republicans not to get too smug about the likely overturning of this Dem Congress.

I'm also wondering how many more Dems will turn against BHO. In fact, some Dems will do so at least overtly so as to save their own asses and the party.

Chuck said...

Z, all it takes in one chamber. Winning the House is everything.

AOW, word is Obama is going out to campaign for Dem candidates. Wonder how long this will last?

cube said...

We need to fight this as though we have zero chance of winning any race. We can't become complacent over some pie in the sky stuff we've heard from republican pundits. If there was any time to attack (besides the election of 2008 during which many of our numbers stayed home, hence Obama), this is it.

Chuck said...

Cube, I have said it before. I believe this is the most important election in a generation