Thursday, July 8, 2010

Now For Something Really Insane

First, hat tip to Just A Conservative Girl.

***Spew alert***

We here at Chuck Thinks Right want to be sure all of our readers are safe so we recommend that you do not watch this video unless you are sitting firmly in a sturdy chair, preferably one with a seat belt. There should be no sharp or heavy blunt objects or instruments that can propel projectiles at your computer within reach. It is recommended that you are not drinking any coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, or other heated beverage while watching this video although some sort of cold adult beverage may help ease the symptoms of disorientation and nausea some have reported. Finally, if you think you may be pregnant, have a history of heart disease, back problems, or other medical problems it is recommended you consult a health care professional before proceeding. Chuck Thinks Right assumes no responsibility for any emotional distress the viewing of this video may cause either now or in the future. We further accept no responsibility for any sleepless nights or incidents of awakening screaming in fear.

Enjoy the video.


Z said...

ooooookaaaaay..well, I could only listen to the CNN woman's introduction of the guy, sorry...that was ENOUGH FOR ME!
"Why WOULD a two year old story be so important..just to pile on the Panthers?" (I paraphrase)IS SHE NUTS?
Well, I think that's the guy Megyn Kelly's going to have on tomorrow, ...THAT should be interesting.

Chuck, I can't imagine anybody SANE saying what she did...this is absolutely DISGUSTING.
I'm going to bed now and if I don't sleep, I'm blaming it ON YOU :-)

Gramma 2 Many said...

Watched it last night on Fox. I do not know how they can sit there with a straight face and present this as truthful reporting.
Will be waiting for Megan Kelly today. Hope I will be home in time to see her.

Karen Howes said...


So, FOX = angry white tea partiers = racists.

How original.

Brooke said...

That guy is the racist! OMG, I just can't form a cogent comment, I'm so outraged.

IMAGINE if the Klan had stood outside that polling place! The shit would never stop hitting the fan, and there would definitely be prosecution!

Did you hear the clip of one of the panthers going on about "hating every iota of a cracker" and "killing some cracker babies"?

Unbelievable. Yet WE are racist right wingers.

Always On Watch said...

Gah! I couldn't watch the entire thing. Too much BS!

Does Shabbaz really believe that people believe his lies?

cube said...

I got to 1:08 minutes into it
before I pulled the plug on this crap video.

I can't believe these worthless people get such a pass from our "supposedly" free press and our DOJ.

I guess killing whites and our babies doesn't qualify as racist enough views amongst the liberals and their white liberal guilt.

Chuck said...

I watched it all but then I have a pretty strong stomach.

This is actually a clip from RT, it is an English speaking Russian network.

Z and Gramma, I taped the Megyn Kelly interview, but haven't watched it yet. I will give him credit for having the stones to face her.

I hope you got some sleep Z

Karen, I consider the NBPP as nothing short of being equivalent to the Klan.

Brooke, a clan member chanting "kill black babies" It would horrendous and rightly attacked. So why does the NBPP get a pass? I did not see the interview yet but on the Fox News site Shabbazz is claiming none of these people represent the NBPP. Sound familiar? same line the KKK uses.

AOW, he believes them so yes, I think he does.

Cube, liberals think killing babies is okay.

Z said...

I missed the darned interview...did you watch it yet, Chuck??

Chuck said...

Z, I taped it, watched it, and put save on it on the TiVo. Kelly did a great job. He tried his usual nonsense that they get away with on MSNBC, etc and she wouldn't let him.

The best exchange (paraphrased):

Kelly asked a question

Shabazz wouldn't answer

Kelly asked again

Shabazz says something like "I'm not going to worry about that"

Kelly says "I am" and made him answer

She nailed him.

It is on her Fox News page

Watch it, it's worth the time

Anonymous said...

What drugs is Malik on, I want some!
How do you argue that it is a Republican ploy, when the actions of NBPP jerks is on video??? THEY provided the evidence themselves! I don't think anyone is doing much work to "set them up" but them.

This gal and Shep Smith need to be tarred and feathered and run out on a rail for pandering to a terrorist POS IMHO.


Chuck said...

HAM, I think he believes this stuff. I think it's a mixture of insanity and self-delusion.