Saturday, July 10, 2010

Obama Is Now On The Bargain Rack

Ever go to Walmart's or some other store and look at their DVD section (or CD's, books, etc)? Everyone has, right?

You have the racks with the new releases. They charge the big bucks for these.

Then you have the section with the slightly older but still popular movies, they charge a little less but still a quite a bit.

Then you go further into the movie section, into the far back corner. The shelves aren't as nice there. The placards are askew and missing. The movies are often out of order. It's dusty because the area is not dusted as often.

This is the bargain section.

At Walmart, this may even be a big tub in the aisle.

These are the movies no one wants anymore. They are yesterday's hits, some were never even popular to begin with. Many of them have outdated ideas and plots that have been used over and over again with no success.

It is in this section in which you can find the current President of the United States:

Carnahan Drops Prices For Obama Event

Pres. Obama is the best fundraiser the Dem Party has, but his drawing power is way down from its peak during the '08 campaign.

Obama is heading to MO and NV today to raise money for Sec/State Robin Carnahan (D), running for an open Senate seat, and Senate Maj. Leader Harry Reid.

But Carnahan's campaign wasn't able to completely sell out the Folly Theater, where Obama will appear for a grassroots event on Carnahan's behalf, at the prices they wanted. Tickets once priced at $250 are now going for $99, while $35 tickets are half off.



Z said...

Hey, you think that store would take RETURNS? :-) I'd be happy to do that and they could even keep what we'd paid for him as long as they'd TAKE HIM BACK!

Leslie said...

Great post Chuck. I have always been a proponent for sending him to China --where all the other junk products come from.

Label the package as defective or spoiled.

Always On Watch said...

Yet another indication of the decline of Obama.

He'll never admit it to himself, though.

Chuck said...

Z, he's broken and doesn't work - the store won't let us bring him back now

Leslie, LMAO

AOW, worser and worser

LASunsett said...

Well.....I think it shows guts and determination that ANYONE wants to have him ANYWHERE near them, considering how everyone he campaigns for LOSES.

But that's just me.

Chuck said...

LA, pity the Dems. They are stuck between a rock and something else hard. Obama is becoming poison but the national party apparatus is not going to look well on a candidate that goes off message and disses him.

Phill Senters said...

Sounds just like all the so-called bargains in the bin....If it doesn't sell, it goes to the trash bin next.

Anonymous said...

Oh... poor narcissistic Prezzie. I wonder how many moonbats wasted their money on his books during the election that would like to get a refund now that they have lost their jobs, especially Gulf Crescent moonbats, who may well have lost their lives while the POTUS plays golf, campaigns for LOSERS and does nothing for the people of this country? He may soon join the ranks of Tiger Woods, so I hope his scores are improving!


cube said...

I can't imagine spending five cents on anything about BO. I keep the remote handy just to change the channel if he comes on while I'm watching the news!

I can't stand the sibilant 's' sound at the end of words. The whistle noise drives me crazy.

Chuck said...

HAM, those books may come in handy as home heating resources this winter

Cube, I think it is likely he would be included as the second feature of one of those 2 on one DVDs

gailtalk said...

Hi Chuck,

In November 2008 and early 2009 you couldn't go to a bookstore in my liberal town without being deluged with Obama books on every shelf. Now I notice you can barely find an Obama book at my neighborhood Borders. Can barely remember the last time I saw an Obama bumpersticker. My Liberal friends aren't talking about the glories of Obama anymore .. just silent. Their only news comes from MSNBC or NY Times so they're clueless about what's really going on, but even they are perhaps catching on that something is not quite right. I hope this is all an indication that America is waking up!

Chuck said...

Gail, I have friends who are Obama supporters, not a lot to say lately.