Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quote Of The Week

"Isn't it a good thing today in America that we have an automobile manufacturing sector? If it had been up to them [Republicans], General Motors would be gone. If it were up to them, Ford Motor Company would probably be gone. Chrysler definitely would be gone."

Sen Harry Reid


They saved Ford?

Ford didn't take bailout money.


Always On Watch said...

Excellent call about Ford.

Harry Reid is a horse's ass. Maybe the biggest one around.

Oops! I can think of two bigger horse's asses: Pelosi is one.

The Born Again American said...

"Has Been Harry" that's the only way Harry Reid will be referred to after November...

Mustang said...

Now I am fuming again; as should anyone in the audience listening to this inept, lying, un-American bastard. If the government had left GM alone, GM would have reemerged a better company, producing a quality, competitively priced product. We should wonder why GM cars (or any other vehicle) costs so much. It is because the cost of producing these automobiles includes ever-escalating wages and benefits (which creates tingles on the legs of union leaders).

Evidence that GM and other manufacturers are cowed by union influence can be observed at any GM, Chrysler, or Ford dealership. Acres and acres of new vehicles that cannot be sold prove that the manufacturer cannot cut back on production when it is so apparent that they have too much inventory. Next to labor costs, inventory is any company’s costliest outlay. If government allows GM to cut out the fat, it begins operating more efficiently. A reduction in the price of vehicles creates demand for that vehicle. This is not rocket science and GM knows this better than any other company. By producing only 2,500 Corvettes annually, GM creates a high demand for this highly profitable automobile.

Why should liberals sitting in the audience listening to Dirty Harry be angry? They should be angry because he talks to them as if they are stupid. They should be so insulted by this, that they en masse rise up out of their seats, charge the stage, and crucify him on national television. And they would, were it not for the fact that Liberals are stupid.

Brooke said...


What an idiot. I look for Reid to be sucking up 99 weeks of unemployment come November.

)O( said...

You DO think right!

MK said...

If it weren't for all the benefits and entitlements that liberal retards constantly championed, there would be a whole lot more manufacturing still in the US and the rest of the western world.

But morons like Reid believe that companies exist to provide employment and zero job is better than a low-paying job.

Chuck said...

AOW, he also thinks that there are no illegals working on Arizona road crews and Social Security is sound. Maybe he is stupid enough to be in Congress

Born Again, perfect

Mustang, let's remember everyone who lost their job under the dealership "reorganization"

Brooke, we need to make him go out and look for a job

O, welcome and thanks

MK, you nailed it. The unions have sold out their members for years to make a stand on wages.

Z said...

Perfect catch, Chuck...No, Ford did not go along with it!!
Sadly, the Reid race is tightening up again; he has tons more $$$ than Angle does and he's slamming her BUT GOOD.
Man, she has GOT TO WIN.
His own darned son is running for something and doesn't use his last name!

Sam Huntington said...

Was he speaking of Government Motors Corporation?

Just asking ...

Karen Howes said...


What planet do these people live on?

Chuck said...

Z, I don't believe the poll numbers in Nevada. I think he's toast. The GOP are going after him hard.

Sam, you an get a loan at, one of the government banks, get insurance through one of the government insurance agencies. They need to put them all in one office so it is easier for us.

Karen, Nevada.

cube said...

I can't listen to Harry Reid's lies without feeling as though the top of my head is going to blow off. The only family friendly word I have for him is retirement.

Chuck said...

Fired would work just as well IMHO