Thursday, July 15, 2010

So What Is Going On Here?

Pelosi, White House Feud Over Gibbs' House Prediction

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the driving force behind the Obama agenda in Congress, sharply criticized White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs at a closed-door House Democratic caucus meeting late Tuesday, according to Democratic sources.

Pelosi, irked since Sunday by what she and other top Democrats considered Gibbs' careless and dismissive comments that Democrats could lose their House majority this November, upbraided a top White House aide as she knocked Gibbs' unwelcome handicapping of House races.

"How could he [Gibbs] know what's going on in our districts?" Pelosi said, according to Democrats who attended the meeting. "Some may weigh his words more closely than others. We have made our disagreements known to the White House."

Senior Pelosi staff contacted the White House Monday to express displeasure with Gibbs' statement on "Meet the Press" that Democrats could lose the majority won in 2006 after 12 years out of power.

So what is this all about?

Was Gibbs trying to fire up the base?

Is Pelosi hearing footsteps?

Is there a developing or worsening rift between the WH and Congress?

Is this simply a matter of Gibbs being an idiot?

Will Lindsey Lohan enjoy playing for the Miami Heat after she finishes her jail sentence for public lunacy?

What are your thoughts?


Mustang said...

Okay, here’s the scoop, as I understand it. Gibbs went to N. Pelosi’s Georgetown apartment where he found her in bed with Sunset. Gibbs —who is a well-known blabbermouth, called Barney Frank. Frank threw a hissy fit and gave Gibbs information that would sabotage Pelosi’s chances of reelection. The rest is history.

Well, that’s what I heard.

Leslie said...

And now you know the rest of the story...

Leslie said...

My vote is:

Gibbs is an idiot.
Pelosi is an idiot.
And they are looking for excuses as to why they are going to lose.

Chuck said...

Mustang, I'm a little confused as to why Frank was upset. You're not insinuating...

Leslie, there is always more to the story with Mustang

Z said...

yes on Lohan :-)

Much as I agree with Mustang's assessment, when I heard Gibbs say that, I thought "That WH is always SO POSITIVE they're going to WIN everything that this means something...not that they're humbled and worried that things aren't going well for the Dem's poll numbers, but that Gibbs thinks SAYING this will get the base and even some "normal" Dems hot enough and nervous enough that they'll work harder to drown out the Right and get their lefty nuts elected.

As for Pelosi......she's just there to remind everyone that wearing such high heels that you have to take baby steps when you walk and having plastic surgery can really screw up your mind, too. :-)
No..Pelosi's acting upset because now Gibbs can say what he said, rile everybody up, and nobody has to believe they MEAN what Gibbs suggests! How's THAT? !!

Chuck said...

Z, I think they are trying to play us. Problem is, they're not very smart.

MK said...

"So what is this all about?"

It's just leftist asswipes coming to the conclusion that they've been doing as they please and not as their masters wanted them to and that they can't run and hide from it any longer.

Happens all the time, leftists lie and cheat their way into power, then do as they please and are then surprised when people resent it.

Now watch for them suddenly pretend to give a rats ass about the people again.

Pack your crap nancy, the people are onto your stinking stench.

Chuck said...

MK, they'll be out to military bases too

Brooke said...

I agree with MK.

People have had it with this elitist, royalty attitude!

Chuck said...

Brooke, and this is with him on 7 vacations. Imagine if he were actually around occasionally

Always On Watch said...

In my view, several things are going on.

Yes, Gibbs is trying to fire up the Dem base.

I think that Pelosi does hear footsteps, as you put it, Chuck, but that she's so botoxxed up that she can't always recognize reality -- although I'm not sure that such is the case this time.

Let me explain.

Political strategists recognize that predicting defeat can actually facilitate that defeat. Gibbs should know that, and I think that Pelosi, despite brain damage, does know.

What Pelosi cannot admit to herself or to anyone else: BHO has used Congress and will let them hang out to dry.

Chuck said...

AOW, I agree. Obama has used and damaged Congress. Let him see how it goes without them