Friday, July 30, 2010

So, Will The Democrats Admonish This One?

The best part is this little caption under the video.

Despite the congressman's rage, the fact is the bill in question does not have support from enough Democrats to get it passed.

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These people are idiots.

I think the GOP needs to take a page from the Nancy Pelosi "drain the swamp" play book and have an "Empty the asylum" campaign.


Anonymous said...

Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of congress. But I repeat myself.. — Mark Twain

Karen Howes said...

Geez, Mr. Weiner's speaking style and gestures look so familiar. Where have I seen this before... oh, yeah... footage of Hitler's speeches.

Z said...

You know, he OBVIOUSLY went way overboard in his tirade, but I'm unclear about this vote and, tell you the truth, the clearer I THINK I am on what I'm hearing, the more I think he might be right.
Pardon my naivite and ignorance of legislative operations but Peter King said Republicans weren't voting for this (tho HE DID!) because of PROCEDURE...the Dems did some 2/3 thing instead of up/down??
If I'm right about this, then something's wrong with the the best of my knowledge, there are no nasty riders, earmarks, etc., on this bill; it's to HELP OUR RESPONDERS COPE WITH 9/11 PROBLEMS>

WHY didn't the Republicans support it, when they say they DO? Because of something procedural?

Help me out here....if you really want a bill, would you vote against it? And, LOOK at the opportunity it gives that weasel Weiner to say "WE DEMOCRATS WANT TO HELP RESPONDERS AND THE REPUBLICANS OBVIOUSLY DON"T!"

Is this ALL about the November elections and the Left knew the Reps would react like this and Weiner could tell Americans "Republicans don't care about those who helped during 9/11?"...did they set us UP?
??? What do I not get?

Chuck said...

Anon, nice

Karen, good pick up

Z, I am not going to defend the GOP - they play the same games that the Dems do. The difference is we agree with them more. My point (which I should have explained better) is the abusive demeanor and the hypocrisy in this man.

The Dems can pass any bill they want in the House with their majority yet they blame the GOP, with the assistance of the media, for not being able to do so.

Further, I get tired of these SOBs making asses of themselves on the House floor and getting away with it yet Joe Wilson pointed out Obama was lying (when he was) and was reprimanded by the House.

I'm not real happy with the GOP but I am convinced that every single Dem in Congress is a complete and total asshole.

Hayden said...

It is one big political game. What a mess this October and November will be when the American people will be inundated with clips and quotes of blame and fingerpointing.

Chuck said...

Hayden, wait until the GOP retakes one or both chambers of Congress. Who's fault will the economy be then?

Z said...

but, Chuck, Hayden's's such a GAME.
I can't agree with you more on why we go Republican..only because they're closer to how we feel, you're right. But, not much better than the Dems.

Chuck said...

Z, I can't disagree.

Z said...

I hate to push this point again...BUT, for the Reps NOT to vote for this bill when it could help a LOT, just as a matter of procedure, is BAD. Or am I missing something?

MK said...

"Empty the asylum"

No, no, you can't empty it, you have to put the democrats there, most leftists need to be committed, they have mental issues.