Thursday, July 1, 2010

To Vote Or Not To Vote

National debt soars to highest level since WWII

Jobs Market Barely Budges in June as Hiring Stays Weak

Dow Loses 10% in Q2; S&P Ends Below 1,040

Faced With The Blagojevich Scandal, Did Barack Obama Tell The Whole Truth?

Gulf beaches hit as distant hurricane pushes oil

Obama Mocked Commissions, Then Established Four

CREW Calls for House Investigation into Obama Staffers’ Use of Personal Email, Meetings with Lobbyists

Former Justice Department Lawyer Accuses Holder of Dropping New Black Panther Case for Racial Reasons

Do you remember the debate during the 2008 election? Should we be supporting McCain considering he is not a conservative?

Do you remember how many conservatives stayed home on election day to "protest" the RINO McCain?

What are your thoughts on that now?

This is from one visit to the Drudge Report. All of these headlines are on the site as I write this. These are not a compilation of recent headlines, they are happening as you read this.


LASunsett said...

I may offend some people as I say this. But, here goes anyway.

I am reading many ultra-conservative commenters at some blogs and the mood seems to be the same in some circles, today.

Here in Indiana we have Coats running for Senate, he did not receive a lot of Tea Party support. But, when we look at his record in the Senate, he was a lot more conservative than the average Democrat. A lot more than his opponent who voted for every damned Obama/Pelosi proposal as a "blue dog".

Still, there are many conservatives here who are threatening to vote for the Libertarian who has no chance in hell of winning a church social raffle....much less an election.

I cannot/will not deny anyone the right to believe anything they wish, as long as it does not infringe on my rights as a citizen. But I will say that I think it is selfish of people to take their ball and go home, when a nation is at stake. In that respect, their childishness DOES affect me.

But not for long, I will be dead sooner than most of them and they will be left to function in the ruins of their own making.

Brooke said...

I don't think a RHINO is much better than what we've got now.


As for the news... I get up every day thinking, what more can they do to us?

They never fail to disappoint.

LASunsett said...


Every case stands on its own. But consider this for a moment:

As more conservatives get elected (which means those who are more in tune with what conservatives want), more pressure can be put on the RINOS to conform to what is right.

Right now, today, it would be far better for Indiana to elect Coats over his Obama loving opponent and target Lugar (another RINO) in 2012.

Chess matches are not won in one move. And since we didn't get this way overnight, we will not get out of it overnight. The strategy for having a true conservative majority may involve using the RINOS for our own purposes until we do not need them anymore.

Like a chess match, I am thinking several moves ahead.

cube said...

I'm with LA Sunsett. Unfortunately, the lesser evil is preferably to the greater one.

I can't believe McCain, flawed conservative that he was, would've been worse for the country than BO. At least McCain has American ideals. BO does not.

I hope that lesson has been made perfectly clear to those morons who sat home during the last election. I hope they're gnashing their teeth with regret right now.

Katie said...

I wasn't particularly happy with McCain getting the nom, but I voted for him. He would have been a hell of a lot better than BO, which is sadly not saying much.

Z said...

I'm with Katie and LASUNSETT...

I don't care if the Conservative's not Conservative enough...we need to vote for that person and then show our strength by influencing him in some way once he beat the LIBERAL. We're not talking primaries here anymore (in general..I know there are some run-offs, and AZ hasn't had its primary yet, etc.)
NO MORE STAYING HOME TO SHOW THE REPUBLICANS! OBAMA'S ELECTION and the nightmare he's created isn't enough for some people because of the darned TEA PARTIES?

Sometimes I wonder who's behind the TPers.........SOROS? Obviously, there's great good they've done, but it could bite us in the butt.

Karen Howes said...

In November of 2008, I voted for John McCain. Not because I liked him, but because I was desperately trying to keep the Magic Mulatto out of the White House.

Sadly, it was vote for the lesser of two evils.

This is something on which I have mixed feelings... on one hand, you don't want to take votes away from the guy who actually has a chance at defeating the uber-statist. On the other hand, we shouldn't have to choose between two crappy candidates.

gramma2many said...

I have to concur if you stayed at home to protest the RINO, you are as guilty as if you had voted for "O"
LA Sunsett, sometimes I think it will not affect me as I am entering the twilight of my life, but I cannot in good conscience leave this mess to my children and grandchildren.

LASunsett said...

//sometimes I think it will not affect me as I am entering the twilight of my life, but I cannot in good conscience leave this mess to my children and grandchildren.//

Believe me, I don't like it either. But some of them are responsible for creating the mess because they have bought into the illusion that government gives us free stuff. If they refuse to listen, or if enough people refuse to vote for RINOS and allow control to stay in the hands of the progressives, it's not OUR fault.

We piped to them, but they did not dance.

Chuck said...

Great discussion without me ;). Sorry, I have been at work all day.

I think you all are essentially coming down where I am, McCain (or any other RINO) is not perfect for us but they are a damn ways better than Hussein.

The people that stayed home in protest voted for Obama like Gramma said. They can deny it but the facts are there.

Z, touched on something very relevant though, primaries.

Primaries are far more important than people will realize. We only get about 10% of voters out for primaries but often they are the election. Congressional seats are gerrymandered in a way in which most of them are safe seats. Not all are, as I believe the Dems will find out this fall, but a lot are.

So that leaves the primary. If it is a safe Republican seat in which the Dem would not win, then the primary is for the winner. If that winner is a RINO then that is what we are stuck with.

Bottom line, people need to get out and vote in the primaries so we do not have to make these decisions. And, quite frankly, if a lot of people vote and we get a RINO then the voters have spoken and we have who they want. Good enough in my opinion.

Always On Watch said...

Do you remember how many conservatives stayed home on election day to "protest" the RINO McCain?

In my view, not voting is evidencing irresponsible citizenship.

I voted against BHO, not FOR McCain. Too often, a conservative's voting choice comes down to the process of voting against rather than for.

Chuck said...

AOW, I agree. I get sick to death of people who do not vote but complain about whatever