Monday, July 5, 2010

What Do You Think About This?

Michael Steele is at it again. I think his latest quote is being taken a little out of context but that is mostly because it made absolutely no sense at all.

I have always been a fan of Steele and have had a tendency to like him quite a bit. The longer he is Chair of the RNC though I am finding that I am getting over that a bit. He has spent a lot of time clarifying ill-advised comments and donations are going down.

This is an election that is not only winnable but it is possible that the GOP stars are aligning for a massive sweep of Congressional, Senate, Gubernatorial, and state legislative wins. That is if they don't blow it.

So, does Steele have the chance of blowing it for them? The occasional gaffes and lackluster fund raising do not help.

Republicans are in a tough spot in that the Democrats have a massive PR apparatus in the main stream media. VP Joe Biden has said far worse far more often than Steele but the media protects Biden and castigates Steele. Not fair but reality.

What this means is the GOP has to be on it's game. No screw ups, no fodder for the MSNBC's and networks news programs in the US.

The question then is - is it time for Steele to go?

This would be a little risky for two reasons.

Number 1: The fringe media would have a field day - "The GOP is in disarray", etc.

So what? They are already attacking Steele. Is there a real down side here? They do not even need a controversy to report on, they'll make it up.

Number 2: Could they get someone in place and functioning this close to the election?

Again, there may not be as much of a downside here. This is not a national election in which they have to follow the US Constitution and take weeks or months to do it legally. They could have a quick meeting and instill someone over a couple of days if needed. Further, if Steele is ineffective then there may not be as great a risk as there would be replacing someone who is already effective. The real issue on this is who the geniuses of the GOP would deem competent.

So, what are our thoughts? Should he go or should he stay? The clock is ticking.


LASunsett said...

I wasn't sure that Steele was the best choice to begin with, and my instincts were correct. I think they put him there because they needed a black man to be the face of the GOP, after Obama's election.

He was a RINO before and is a RINO now. He is (and always was) part of the faction that the Republicans need to be Democrat Lite.

I think that the GOP should send a message right here and now. He should resign and someone with competence should be named to lead the party. There are plenty of things to slam Obama for, more than enough to consider resignations for his staff, with possible criminal charges.

Right Is Right said...

He is a disaster. Why Repubs always hobble themselves with McCains for candidates and Steele types as RNC heads is why the Dems are not sweating the polls. They figure the RNC and McCain types are they best weapons.

cube said...

The clock is ticking, indeed.

I'm beginning to think that November won't be the big win that it's been touted to be especially in light of the current boneheads in GOP leadership positions.

Z said...

Chuck, you and I may be his only fans left. I had the privilege of meeting him and he was fantastic ....BUT, he IS a RINO, that's for sure.
I don't think most Americans will even hear the quote, I don't think most Americans know what the RNC or DNC IS. Not to disparage our fellow Americans, but I see that video of Leno interviewing people who don't know who we got our independence FROM or what independence was about and I feel quite sure most voters don't even know who Michael Steele is.

I say he stays and they cut down on his public statements! ??

Brooke said...

I would prefer that any GOP fixture be an absolute ball busting JERK.

Steele ain't that.

Chuck said...

LA, I should say I have always liked him on a personal level. I was cautiously optimistic to see him named the RNC Chair. While I have made clear that I am not an affirmative action proponent, I think it was good to have the RNC reach out to blacks. Blacks are given a distorted view of the GOP by the media and I was hoping Steele would help counter-act that.

and someone with competence should be named to lead the party.

that is the real trick for the GOP isn't it?

Right, I think the Dems are resting easy because they assume the GOP will blow it again.

Cube, agreed. This is my fear

Z, I have grown disappointed in him. One of the things I liked about him is I thought he was well spoken, that may have been wrong. I still think he's a good person and I would like to meet him. I think it would be honor to talk to him.

I think he has to go though.

Brooke, I agree. We need someone in this spot to bust some heads. The GOP has a history of running to the nearest corner and pissing their pants when they are attacked. We need someone who will stand up and fight back. Not a psycho but still someone who is willing to get his hands dirty.

Karen Howes said...

He's a RINO, and they're the last thing we need.

You're right, the media is not as forgiving of conservatives as they are of leftists, so we really can't afford to have a Republican version of Biden running around saying idiotic things.

LASunsett said...

//While I have made clear that I am not an affirmative action proponent, I think it was good to have the RNC reach out to blacks.//

What about Ken Blackwell?

Chuck said...

Karen, agreed. We also need to reversing the issue with the media.

LA, not a bad choice. I've always liked JC Watts but I don't know a lot about him.

cube said...

Ken Blackwell was passed over because he was too conservative. Go figure. Maybe that's what's wrong with GOP leadership. They keep picking the democrat-lite candidate hoping that it will attract the libertarians who bounce around like ping pong balls on steroids.