Saturday, August 14, 2010


Fox put up a pretty cool slideshow of some weird phobias here.

I certainly have never had a problem with the one above, the fear of money. I'm a conservative, we're allowed to like money.

I do have Ephebiphobia though

A fear of teenagers.

One could certainly say that many on the left have Sophophobia

A fear of learning.

Take a look, do you have any of the weird phobias?


Z said...

Oh, yes...I don't sit well in very stuck traffic. Don't I live in JUST the right CITY? (LA?!)
I thought that teen picture implied 'a fear of pizza'..I'm REALLY glad I don't have THAT one!!

do YOU have one, Chuck!?

cube said...

lol! I have two, count 'em, two teenagers in my house. If I had ephebiphobia, then it would be even MORE crazy at our house and, believe me, it's crazyenough at our house.

Yikes! The driving lessons alone are enough to induce strokes in people my age. Don't get me started on the rest.

Z: Yeah, the photo did make me think it was about pizza. We have no irrational phobia of pizza at our house either.

Chuck said...

Z, I have 2 teenagers and on days they multiply to 4 - 15. I think fear of teenagers is a legitimate one.

Cube, we just finished 1 new driver and starting a new one

Brooke said...

Well, I don't have oenophobia! LOL!

Mustang said...

Obamaphobia and Islam phobia. Other than that, I'm good.

Chuck said...

Brooke, a little something to get you through huh? ;)

Mustang, I'm hearing that a large part of the country are developing these.

Z said...

Chuck, i think your fear is right! :-)
Mustang...very common fears these days, indeed!

MK said...

leftists are also very fearful of opposing opinions, freedom, individual choice, liberty, people choosing for themselves, the horror!