Thursday, August 26, 2010

Department of Homeland Security Running Back Door Amnesty?

Read this article. It states that the DHS is systematically reviewing immigration cases and releasing anyone who is not a criminal.

This is a little confusing to me because I thought being in the country illegally made one a criminal?

What is going on here? I assume you all remember the memo leaked from the administration that said they could do a defacto amnesty without a law to support it? You certainly also remember all 0f the denials that the memo was anything more than an exercise in intellectual discussion?

Is our federal government quietly running an amnesty program?


Mustang said...

Apparently so; otherwise, Obama would have already been deported.

Chuck said...

Mustang, good point

MK said...

Good point Mustang. Seriously though, it wouldn't surprise me in the least, this administration is setting quite a precedent in dishonesty.

Z said...

unreal..and all of this from a "constitutional scholar"
The other day on CNN, one leftwing news reader said "Obama was a Constitutional attorney for 10 years!" WHAT?

"Back Door" is this administration's middle name.

Always On Watch said...

Is our federal government quietly running an amnesty program?

In effect, yes.

What am I not surprised?

cube said...

I thought Obama was a professor of constitutional law for 10 years, not an attorney. This is the problem with not vetting a person before handing him the "keys" to the country.

As far as back door amnesty from the DHS, nothing this administration surprises me anymore.

If the purple lips are moving, lies are flying.

Chuck said...

MK, they're liars. 'Nuff said

Z, I don't think he was anything for 10 years

AOW, yet another article about it

Cube, he was vetted - no one listened.