Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Getting Rid Of The Jobs Illegals Do

There is an excellent read at PRAESIDIUM RESPUBLICAE that got me thinking. The post was entitled Crime Pays and is a discussion on some of the real causes for crime today. (Hint: it's not racism, lack of jobs, etc).

While commenting, I posed the notion that we could put the prisoners to work doing the jobs illegals do.

Obviously this will not work for all prisoners or all jobs. Why is it though that we can't put the vast majority of prisoners who are a lower risk for danger to work picking vegetables, mowing lawns, packing chickens?

If you look at the issue of illegal workers a little deeper it is more complex than we give credit to.

They are here because there is a market for them.

Farmers cannot pay someone $7 or $8/an hour to pick fruit. How does $8 for a watermelon sound? Or $10 for 5 pounds of potatoes? $7.50 for a loaf of bread?

Reality is illegal immigrants keep our costs down. This is not to say I support or tolerate illegal immigration but it is not a fact we can ignore. Farmers have to meet costs and make a profit. If they start paying minimum wage to all of their field hands our food prices go through the roof.

Why not have prisoners do this work?

Let the businesses or farmers pay a sub-wage, to the prison system.

-We help keep costs down and let the farmers stay profitable and in business.

-Our prison systems get some cash reimbursement for the upkeep of prisoners.

-The prisoners learn to support themselves. The left pushes rehabilitation of prisoners. What better skill can we teach them than working for a living?

-There may be a chance the prisoners could learn a skill and perhaps get a job after release.

-It will keep the prisoners busy. I think one of the causes of unrest in prisons is idle time. Make them too tired to cause trouble.

-Most importantly, no jobs for the illegals. While I am a fan of border security, I have always thought that illegal immigration is a free market issue. The illegals come to the US for one simple reason, they can get a job. If we cut off the job market, and a free ride from governmental programs (food stamps, etc), they have no choice but to go home.

This is not a perfect plan. There are obvious issues with it such as security, etc. But are they really an issue?

What is the worst we will be doing, putting criminals out on the streets to work? We will have drug dealers, drunk drivers, rapists, etc picking fruit. Sound familiar?


Gramma 2 Many said...

Chuck, it sounds to logical and simple. They just would not let something like this work. One of the cries would be for the criminals rights. Soon there would be an Union for Criminal Rights, calling for higher wages and for them to receive all of it, while not having to pay anything into the system that feeds them at the time. I can just see ACORN and the ACLU getting mired deep into this one.

cube said...

It's a novel plan. I'm not against it on principle, but think that we actually need to put Americans to work before criminals.

When our economy was chugging along (Bush years), there were 'hiring' signs everywhere and illegals filled the jobs that most Americans didn't want to to. We aren't there now and we need to employ all the Americans we can employ.

Z said...

I argued with a conservative friend Thursday about this but said TEENS should be doing some of these jobs. WE had teen jobs...they don't exist anymore around these parts, anyway.

Time for Americans to not KNOW Big Daddy Gov't will take care of them ..and those "jobs that nobody else will do" are going to be done BY THEM, in my opinion. Prisoners, too, except the lefwingers would go MAD with accusations..oh, brother, could you hear them?

I'd put Joe Arpaio in charge...except I just heard there might be a purse as big as a million dollars for his death..or his family's.
Imagine? We have illegals putting hits on our best people which could force them into retirement? Glenn Beck's got threats too, tons of them, apparently. Between that and the mosque going thru this morning, ..not a good day for ol' Z. How about you?

MK said...

I've been thinking a bit about this and whilst your idea has merit, the harsh reality is that we in the west need to learn that we can't have it both ways.

We cannot expect to pay $2 for a water melon and expect the farmer to pay the picker $6 or whatever the minimum wage is. We can't expect to pay $100 for a TV and at the same time insist that the manufacturer also provide entitlements and a certain standard of living for the people who make the TV.

You are right on how to get rid of illegals, take away the incentive to hire them (cheap wages and zero entitlements) and cut welfare.

The Americans who don't want to do the menial jobs will sober up really fast when they're starving.

Chuck said...

Gramma, I did think of this. Organizing prisoners. Nice.

Cube, I don't disagree. Good luck finding someone to pick apples while we have permanent unemployment benefits though

Z, not a bad point on the teens. The liberals would have a field day with this. Funny how they tolerate countries like China but we would be accused of using slave labor

MK, your right about the TVs. We have the left screaming about fair labor laws in 3rd world countries. Let them pay $2000 for a mid-sized TV.

Chuck said...

BTW Gramma, I can't comment at your site. It appears to be a problem with the sign-in. I liked your quote today.

Always On Watch said...

I note that prisoners used to do a lot of road-maintenance work here in the state of Virginia.

But I don't see those work crews now. Why not?

Chuck said...

AOW, I think hiring illegals was cheaper and less red tape

Gramma 2 Many said...

Thanks Chuck. I will have to figure that one out.
Z, I have several teen Grands who cannot find jobs. They are even telling me it is because the jobs they used to do, older people are taking because they need them to support their families now.

Chuck said...

Gramma, there is a little drop down box below the comment box that is empty and I cannot log in?