Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is This A Good Thing?

Connecticut was probably always a long shot but did this make it even further out of reach?

McMahon Knocks Out Opponents in GOP Senate Primary, Eyes Blumenthal

Linda McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, was the last woman standing Tuesday in a battle royal – this time in the political arena.

McMahon won the GOP primary in Connecticut, crushing money manager Peter Schiff and former Rep. Rob Simmons, the one-time favorite who suspended his campaign months ago but recently ran an ad reminding voters his name remained on the ballot.

I think Connecticut was going to be a tough win but with Chris Dodd's troubles and Blumenthal's confusion over his military service the state was not unattainable. Can the GOP win with the founder of a wrestling organization?


Greywolfe said...

Well, could she be any worse than someone like McCain? Come on, at least she and her hubby have built the most massive sports entertainment franchise in history. They may not have started it, but they sure made it mega-profitable. I'm pretty sure she understands a budget and working in the black by now.

That puts her ahead of every other damned political prostitute in D.C.

MK said...

"Can the GOP win with the founder of a wrestling organization?"

Well, if a halfwit community organizer can do it, why not.

No wait, she won't have idiots and lazy parasites to convince of her credentials, so it's not going to be an easy sell.

Anonymous said...

From Z: Peter Schiff saw the end of our economy sooner and more brilliantly than anybody I ever heard. He should be advising this government now, but he's too pro American and FAR FAR smarter than Geithner. I'm so disappointed CT's Reps didn't see that.

Ya, just what we need...can you imagine the CT Dems and how they'll skewer this candidate? WHAT were Reps THINKING? How can CT residents vote for a WRESTLING PROMOTER?" And, they'll be right.
BUT, maybe this person IS good, who knows? I didn't follow this race, so.....we can HOPE good things come out in the future campaigning.

Karen Howes said...

Pity that she's not an actual wrestler. :-P

cube said...

I don't know much about McMahon's politics, but she's run a successful business and already that makes her more qualified than BO. Time will tell about her politics.

Mustang said...

My problem is this: McMahon indicated she is prepared to spend $50 million to win the Senate seat. Now I happen to think she is entitled to spend her money any way she chooses (including sending me a measley million), but I find the idea of purchasing elections very disturbing. I know, this is very naive on my part; still ...

Chuck said...

Greywolfe, like it or not they were successful.

MK, good point

Z, that's what I was getting at. She may be a good person but she is a ready-made political ad

Karen, maybe she could kick some butt in Congress?

Cube, I have to agree. Also, she did get 50% of the GOP vote

Mustang, I hate to see it too but bottom line is someone is buying it for them. Maybe it's better to be beholden to themselves?

Phill Senters said...

"Can the GOP win with the founder of a wrestling organization?"

Why not? Jesse Ventura became governor of Minnesota.

Chuck said...

Phil, yeah - that went well