Thursday, August 19, 2010

New GOP Ad

This is kind of funny and maybe a little encouraging that the GOP is actually making an attempt to win this fall.


LASunsett said...

All I can say is amazing, and especially so, when we consider that Congress has even lower approval ratings than Obama.

Always On Watch said...

A word of caution for the GOP: in the long run, it isn't enough just to be against Obama. The GOP needs a unified, conservative party platform.

Chuck said...

LA, give him credit, he's trying to catch up

AOW, agreed completely. They will need to come up with a message. A good one could turn into a tsunami.

Z said...

Even Reid's son leaves his last name off several campaign functions!

Always, it SURE WAS enough for the Dems to run with "ANYTHING BUT BUSH"...maybe it could work for us?
Some pundits are saying that's why Obama's been classless enough to be the first sitting president to slam a past president by NAME; Dems COULD be thinking "Man, we'd better vote against the Democrats, they botched stuff up.." But, remind them that other party's the PARTY OF BUSH ("can't give them the keys to the car again.."..etc) and they could balk.

worth a thought?

cube said...

I'm glad they're injecting humor into the process. Humor is good.

AOW is right about our side needing a unified party platform. I would only add that we need concrete solutions to our current economic problems. That approach is never going to convince the free-stuff crowd, but it will turn the heads of many Americans who are hurting economically. We need jobs.

Chuck said...

Z, it is possible that running against Obama is enough but what about after they win? They need a game plan

Cube, agreed. They need to work on an economic plan