Friday, August 27, 2010

Obama Popular Among The Raving Lunatics

According to this article, Jerry Springer thinks Obama is an excellent President.

Need I say more?


MK said...

Now all we need is for this to be publicized even further.

Chuck said...

MK, yeah the MSM will be reporting on it any minute now.

Always On Watch said...

Jerry Springer should stick to hosting that crazy show Baggage.

What an idiot.

Karen Howes said...

Nope. That says just about everything we need to know, Chuck.

Chuck said...

AOW and Karen, funny isn't it? Throw in Castro, Chavez, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, etc and he has the whole of a mental ward on his side.

cube said...

I always thought Springer was a total liberal who would do
anything, no matter how outrageous, for money.

I have amended that opinion. Now I think he's just a fool.