Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PETA Gets Smack Down by Idol

I have always made it clear how I feel about American Idol. I can't say I dislike it because I have never watched it. I do think the whole concept and the mania surrounding it is insane but, each to his own.

This young lady however may be my favorite Idol contestant. Admittedly this was not hard because before now I did not have a favorite, or one I could even tolerate.

EXCLUSIVE: PETA Takes Aim at Kristy Lee Cook's Hunting Show, And She Fires Back

PETA's taking aim at 'American Idol' contestant Kristy Lee Cook’s new hunting reality show, but Cook's not afraid to fire back.

“Goin Country,” which began its eight episode run this weekend, follows the singer trying to land a record deal as she participates in hunts across the country. A spokesperson for the animal rights organization released the following statement to

“Instead of angering thousands of would-be fans by killing helpless animals on camera in attempt to get her '15 Minutes of Shame,' Kristy Lee Cook's fame crusade would be better served by following in the footsteps of fellow Idol alum-turned-country-stars Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler—as well as Simon Cowell—all of whom have used their fame and talent to speak up for animals.”

I liked the fact that she is pissing them off but she really reeled me in with this statement.

"Given that hunters have done more for American wildlife conservation than any other group in history, I make no apology for being one," Cook told "Indeed, I join the ranks of millions of American hunters who celebrate our outdoor heritage and who conserve millions of acres of wild lands. These same people support more than 600,000 jobs across the country and provide a critical voice to encourage more investment in American conservation."

A pretty lady who is smart, can sing, and gather food, what a woman.


Z said...

"and gather food" Great line, Chuck.
WONDERFUL lady, I'm glad to hear this! Wouldn't it be terrific if people with values like this started speaking up all across the country?
Somehow, I get a sense this is beginning. I sure hope so.
(she's smart, too!)

Karen Howes said...

That's awesome, Chuck! I have a new respect for this young lady.

~Leslie said...

I don't watch the show either, but it is very nice to hear someone who, in the throws of struggling to begin a singing career isn't afraid to speak her mind, as well as someone who doesn't back down when ignorant rants are raged against her.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? Well, if hunting was good for animals, how come the animals aren't allowed to shoot back?

cube said...

It is refreshing to hear someone voice the other-than-liberal side
of an argument for once, but really, I don't listen to any celebrities about anything of any import to my life.

Chuck said...

Z, it is refreshing

Karen, cool huh?

Leslie, good point. It took guts to stick her neck out

Anon, they are more than welcome to invent firearms

Cube, me either, I just thought it was cool

MK said...

Bravo to her, well said lady, more power to you.

@#$% you peta, eat sh!t and die.