Friday, August 20, 2010

Pity The Poor Atheists

Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Utah Memorial Crosses Along Highway

SALT LAKE CITY -- The 14 crosses erected along Utah roads to commemorate fallen state Highway Patrol troopers convey a state preference for Christianity and are a violation of the U.S. Constitution, a federal appeals court said Wednesday.

The ruling reverses a 2007 decision by a federal district judge that said the crosses communicate a secular message about deaths and were not a public endorsement of religion. It's the latest in a recent rash of mixed-bag rulings on the public use of crosses.

In 2006, the Utah Legislature passed a joint resolution declaring the cross a nonreligious secular symbol of death.

But American Atheists, Inc., the Texas-based group that sued to have the crosses removed from state property, argued that the crosses could imply that the trooper who died there was a Christian.

I have only one question: How sad does your life have to be that a cross along the roadway disturbs you?


Randy said...

I think about the post-war scenes in movies of burials of soldiers, they all show crosses on the graves. I guess we couldn't do that today...

Mustang said...

Next up, all crosses located in national cemetaries will have to come down; Islamic symbols will be allowed to remain, though. There are probably only two or three of those anyway.

What about the small crosses along side roadways where a fatality occurred, as a memorial to the departed?

The State could simply put up tombstones, though, recording the fallen officer's name and dates of birth and death.


cube said...

It's freedom of religion NOT freedom FROM religion. If we let them, the atheists will ban the lowercase letter 't' next.

Chuck said...

Randy, it has always been a symbol of a grave marker

Mustang, I wonder if SCOTUS will re-instate these?

Cube, there is no separation of church and state in the Constitution. But then, the left doesn't worry about the Constitution so...

Brooke said...

I guess those men and women that gave their lives can go eff themselves so that a couple of whiny atheists can be happy.

Is there no end to the insults?

Chuck said...

Brooke, you point out an incredible irony. These crosses are instilled to honor men and women who lost their lives protecting us (and the whiners) and the atheists want them down because they offend them. You're right, they can Fuck off.