Friday, August 20, 2010

What Offends You?

Note: I am working 3rd shift in the ER this weekend and so will be in and out sporadically. So that you do not go without my wisdom that I know you all rely on on a daily basis, I pose this question for you to ponder.

What offends you?

I wrote a blog Thursday about a lawsuit filed by atheists in Utah who were offended by crosses on the roadway honoring fallen State Highway troopers.

Brooke from PaleoCon Command Center posted this comment:

I guess those men and women that gave their lives can go eff themselves so that a couple of whiny atheists can be happy.

This got me thinking that this is an incredible irony that these men and women lost their lives protecting us but we cannot honor them with a simple cross because it offends atheists.

Thinking about this, I got incredibly pissed.

Once I was sedated and settled back down I became more relaxed and rational and started talking to my wife about some of the things that offend me and should therefore be banned.

So, I would like to go on record saying we need to ban:

-men "sagging"

-leftists who protest to save the polar bears and then go to a rally supporting abortion

-Obama stickers on car bumpers

-bright purple houses

Drop a note. What offends you? Come on, let the banning begin.


FairWitness said...

Fine, then the atheists don't have to put crosses on the sites of their dead loved ones or on their own graves. But they have no frigging right to deny anyone else the right to do so, if they are so inclined.

Z said...

What offends me? THE LEFTWING MEDIA.
And the mosque.
I don't have twelve hours to tell you what offends me about obama..sorry.
Good luck at work!

Karen Howes said...

Militant atheist twits with far too much free time on their hands offend me.

LASunsett said...

It offends me that the minority can dictate to the majority.

When this happens, it goes way beyond the concept of equal rights. It becomes empowerment.

Always On Watch said...

Let's see. I guess what most offends me (infuriates me, actually) is the whitewash of Islam.

Overall and non-politically, lies offend me.

Brooke said...

Can we ban the Obamas? How about Pelosi? I could go on all day...

Oh, and your purple house, LOL! There is a Pepto pink one the next town over from here!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Vegetarians who wear leather and all of the above.

Chuck said...

Fair, but they have to tell us what to do too

Z, in other words the media right?

Karen, agreed

LA, it's called Democracy (the liberal version)

AOW, kind of one and the same huh?

Brooke, we could at least defang Pelosi. Add pink houses to the list

Gramma, gotta love vegetarians who wear leather

MK said...

What offends me is leftist scum white anting the western world from within.

Sue said...

Illegal aliens and the employers who hire them...and the government that condones it and sues a state and chooses to side with a foreign country.

Religious tolerance for every religion EXCEPT Christianity.

Chuck said...

MK, I had to google your phrase "white anting". Now that I know what it means, I agree

Sue, isn't it nice that all other religions have freedoms?