Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Castle Running A Write-in Campaign, What Would The Result Be?

There has been talk about Mike Castle running a write-in campaign against Christine O'Donnell.

What do you think would happen with this?

Would he be able to win? I don't know that anyone has ever won a write-in campaign for the US Senate. I want to say it hasn't been done but am not sure. At the least it would be a very rare occurrence.

Would he give the state to the Democrat Chris Coon?

Would he give the win to the Republican Christine O'Donnell?

The real question is who votes for him? Does he split the GOP or the Democrat vote? Are there enough conservatives in Delaware to elect O'Donnell?

Rasmussen puts the race at 49% for Coons and 40% for O'Donnell. What is important to note from this poll is a lot of Castle voters said they would vote for Coons or no one. Are they part of the 9% Coons lead?

What are your thoughts?


Always On Watch said...

He'll get nowhere with a write-in campaign, IMO.

Z said...

My thought is that, with Castle running a write-in campaign, there is absolutely no way O'D can win. Before, there was almost no chance she can win.
I believe it was Strom Thurmond I heard won in a write-in vote in the '50s, by the way..THE ONLY one ever.
Seems our Republicans aren't happy to have Republicans win unless it's THEM, no other REpublican.
And we wonder why we've got problems?
I'm starting to wonder if the Tea Party movement's backing of candidates has done more harm than good.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Last night the polls were showing that the sore looser will pull from the Bearded Marxist. Don't get discouraged Z the Tea Party is doing good things here. People are awakening.

Brooke said...

Write-in campaigns typically don't go anywhere, as AOW said. Castle will do nothing but split the vote, Perot style.

cube said...

I want the Tea Party to make a positive contribution in the election because we need more conservative candidates.

I would love to see the republican party prop up O'Donnell and tell Castle to go take a hike. How much worse could O'Donnell be than a self-proclaimed Marxist and a long-time, liberal-hugging republican?

LASunsett said...

It backfired on Murkowski the Poli-brat. She drew more support from the Dem candidate than Joe Miller.

I say go for it Mike.

Chuck said...

AOW, I tend to agree

Z, it comes down to who votes for him. I think there are not enough conservatives in Delaware to elect a conservative although she did beat him in the primary...

Gramma, we will see

Brooke, right but who wins? It would be interesting to watch

Cube, I think I would rather lose the state than see Castle win. Coons is the devil we know

LA, that's what I am thinking