Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coming To A Socialist Country Near You

UK Proposes All Paychecks Go to the State First

All I can think is I hope Hussein doesn't watch CNBC.

This would get all of the little socialists in the White House giddy to think of having our paychecks go to them first and then they could send us what was left over.


Z said...

There are so many government jobs, isn't this kind of happening already on a pretty large scale to some extent? :-)
It would put accountants out of work! Maybe that's how Obama would sell this: "We're saving you from going to an accountant!" grrr

~Leslie said...

I feel like my pay check already goes to the government first...

Seriously, this is outrageous. What morons in society would prefer this? Should that be a rhetorical question? Sigh.

cube said...

This proposal is unbelievable to me. I say the Brits need to pull out their pitchforks.

Brooke said...

They already do this with the huge amounts they withhold.

As my father says, if you actually had to write a check to the govt each week equal to what they take their would be blood DC's streets.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Sometimes my head just spins trying to keep straight all of the corruption that comes our way. One more way to control the masses.
If they implement it in GB, it will not be long before it is proposed over here.
Brooke, you have a very wise Daddy:)

Hayden said...

Considering many people get their checks from the government, it may be an acceptable movement to come to our shores.

Karen Howes said...

Yeah, this basically happens already.

Britain is beyond pathetic.

Chuck said...

Z, good point -government jobs are the only growth industry

Leslie, there will those on the left that would rationalize this

Cube, the Brits are too busy Muslimizing their country to worry about this

Brooke, your dad sounds like a smart man

Gramma, you know there are people who want to do this

Hayden, agreed

Karen, were getting close to pathetic

Always On Watch said...

BHO would love to see this measure come to America. Of course, right now, he's powerless to get behind yet another socialistic measure.