Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Forget A Revolt Against Obama, It's Time To Target The GOP

Tea Party-Backed O'Donnell Upsets Castle in Delaware GOP Race

Take a look at the above article. The GOP leadership is angry that O'Donnell won their primary and is currently saying they are not going to support her in the general election. The Republican Senate Campaign Committee has said it will not support her, either with money or endorsements. The RNC has effectively said the same thing.

One simple question. Who the hell do they think they are?

Think about this for a minute.

Forget Christine O'Donnell.

Forget Mike Castle.

Forget the Tea Party.

Forget the election itself.

Ultimately this isn't about any of that.

Republican voters in Delaware have voted and said that they want Christine O'Donnell to represent them in the general election and the GOP leadership has said that they will not acknowledge their wishes. She won 53% to 47%.

The arrogant sons of a bitches.

I realize that ultimately Obama and the rest of the socialists of the Democratic Party are the real foe here and we cannot lose sight of this. Further, we do not need to start a civil war in the party right now before an election.

After the election though, we need to deal with our internal demons. It is time to clean house in the GOP.

Note: While I realize that my blog is insignificant as far as it's influence on national events but I have removed all links to the GOP on my site and they will stay gone until this decision is reversed.


Gramma 2 Many said...

Do you know the old saying "I'm so angry I could spit nails?"
That is how I am feeling right now. The nerve of them thinking they have the right to do this. Are they not supported by the very people who voted for Christine? I think they are feeling the consequences of our referendum and are feeling their power slip away also. This is not all about Dems. A lot of it is about entrenched politicians, RHINOs or Dems, it does not matter. Time to kick butt and show them (RNC) they are not needed either.

Z said...

"Further, we do not need to start a civil war in the party right now before an election.

After the election though, we need to deal with our internal demons. It is time to clean house in the GOP."

But, we have started a civil war and THAT is my beef, Chuck...and my idea was, if they have to vote for RINOs because the GOP money would help them get elected, THEN is the time to clean house in the GOP, AFTER we've won.
We're screwed now, I really believe you could see from my post today; But I hope I'm wrong.

I'd LOVE to believe that Americans are waking up and will vote for the Republicans whose party name alone strikes disgust in their hearts after Obama and the media's (and the last 20 years) attacked them so much, so belittlingly (and remember, Obama's mentioned Bush more lately than he did practically in his campaigning BEFORE he got elected, that's known to be done now to strike revulsions in the hearts of Americans.."don't give them the keys to the car" is VERY effective, as are the attacks on the TP).....I'd LOVe to believe Americans know their constitution and will support the Conservative TPers, I'd LOVE to believe Americans don't want hand-outs, they want to work hard and succeed 'a la' the Conservative TP message.

ya, sure. I'd LIKE to believe those things.

Mustang said...

I think the GOP must have its head up its ass. I noted this sort of thing in Indiana, too. My anger stems from the fact that there should be NO national party interface until AFTER the primaries. Let the state and local party apparatus work its magic (or not) with the voters. Let the people speak about who they want to represent them in the general election. The real problem here is that the GOP is playing into the hands of a not so independent press. It makes you wonder what the GOP is smoking. Well this morning, of course, Sen. Cornyn promised O’Donnell all the assistance she needs to win in Delaware. I think if the TPO and GOP will get behind her, she can win. What makes this a tight race is that few people in DE even bother to vote. I think it comes to less than half of one percent of the voters show up at the general election. Now we know how Biden can be in the senate for 35 years.

Bob Qat said...

The GOP leadership is presently dominated by a elitist club which only wishes to be in power. They are more capable technicians than the "Democratic" Party elitists are. They would give us a working socialist empire, instead of the permanently lame, Democrazy version of collectivist socialism. The GOP Insiders are genuinely dangerous collectivists on their own.

The TEA Party addresses the concerns of the oppressed Individual. Elitists offer 'freedom' not based in the value of the Individual. That 'freedom' is counterfeit. How effective the elite collectivists are at frightening the individuals with a mirror will determine the outcome of the election. They have mass media on their side. We have only each other.

I will work not be so near the edge of the abyss. We still must break up the "Democratic" Party hegemony in the Congress. If the opportunity exists, I will talk to anyone who will listen until we become free again. It will be a long struggle.

Chuck said...


The RSCC has announced that they were just joking, of course they will support O'Donnell.

Gramma, I think it's time for them to come along or be left behind. I think you will see a different RNC in 2012 and an Obama defeat

Z, I think the GOP woke up to a revolt this morning and for once paid attention. There are some different noises coming from their mouths today.

Mustang, I agree wholeheartedly. Used to be that the party leaderships of both parties would stay out of primaries, now they are trying to micromanage.

Bob, I think your right. A lot of the GOP leadership are still the same people that helped get us in this mess with their spending in Congress. When you start to clean you have clean your own house first.

Gramma 2 Many said...

I follow Christine on FB. Today alone, she has received almost $700,000 in donations. I heard her website crashed. Do not know if that is true, but her FB entry says they are shooting for the $700K mark this afternoon.

Karen Howes said...

I've been saying for awhile now that parties are irrelevant, and that the GOP is useless.

Time to start ignoring the letters after candidates' names and start voting for the candidate based on his or her own record.

cube said...

What kills me is how we are hearing horror stories against this poor woman already and, no doubt, will hear more, yet you won't about what a huge honkin' Marxist her democrat opponent is... this is the problem. Only one side gets savaged by the MSM and it's always us. No one can stand up to that kind of scrutiny.

Chuck said...

Gramma, I heard it was true

Karen, I agree in principle but it has been decades since there was a Dim I would vote for

Cube, a new poll came out today and she's down about 10 points. I would take that this early on in Delaware.