Friday, September 24, 2010

Has The Media Dropped It's Pretense Of the Importance Of The Truth?

Read this article first please.

I know we talk about the notion that the media is dishonest, lie by omission, distort, etc. The question is though, are they really at a point in which the truth has become irrelevant?

Think back to the McCain campaign in which the NYT accused him of having an affair. An accusation that was never substantiated and was denied vehemently by all involved. Now maybe he did have an affair, he would't be the first politician to do this. The point is, isn't there some burden of proof here? Should they be able to run a story that they cannot support?

Go back further to the George Bush 2004 campaign and the CBS Vietnam War story. This was not only a complete fabrication but it appears by all evidence that the producer knew it wasn't true.

Now we come to Boehner. Did he have an affair? I don't know and quite frankly would not be shocked, he's a politician. What if he didn't though? Do you think the NYT will care? Do you think they will care if this is untrue and ruins an innocent person's (the supposed mistress) life?

Finally, what about the notion of them waiting for the right moment? Does this once and for all dispel the myth that they are unbiased?


Brooke said...

I would not be surprised either if Boehner has had an affair.

Like you said, though, the MSM doesn't do any kind of fact substantiation. They just accuse and allow the sound bites to flow. Damage done, retraction or not.

I am so done with the MSM.

Always On Watch said...

Frankly, conservatives, who tend to judge candidate's private morality, had better get a grip on the fact that this fall's elections are about something more important to the state of our nation than an illicit affair.

The msm lose more credibility every day. Most Americans now see that the msm are shills for BHO.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the media, but our own government. It's our society in general from churches, the schools & politicians.

Chuck said...

Brooke, their retraction is never as prominent as the article

AOW, I tend to agree accept character has a lot to do with how they will govern

Anon, I can't disagree

Karen Howes said...

At least they're not making a pretense anymore-- they're ADMITTING their bias.

Then they wonder why they're dying.

Phill Senters said...

I agree with the rep for Boehner's office. It's all political bullbleep. And frankly, I wouldn't care if he has had an affair. I'd still rather have him as speaker much more than Pelosi.
Yes, they have dropped all pretense of truth and fairness...They just fling the bullbleep and hope that enough folks believe it.

cube said...

I don't know anything about Boehner's personal life, but I do get tired of the exploitation of republican candidate sins by the MSM all the while sitting on those of the dems.

If you're going to air dirty laundry, then be fair about it.
Ohhh, I'm daydreaming again.