Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Obama Middle Class Tax Cuts

Pelosi Calls for Vote on 'Obama Middle-Class Tax Cuts'

Yeah, you read that right. Nancy Pelosi is asking for a vote on the Obama middle class tax cuts formerly known as the Bush tax cuts.

Everyday they fool you. You read something and you think, "I've heard it all now" or "they can't get any lower than this" and they go and do something more sleazy and then there's a whole new bottom.

Thinking about this after reading it I was reminded of the old Soviet empire. This felt like some of the b.s. they used to try and pull on their citizens. All that was missing was an old crone politician being propped up for a public proclamation to the comrades. Oops, never mind...


Z said...

Thanks for that. Obama's talking about this Middle Class Tax Cut for weeks and I've been thinking "Is it just ME, or is that what Bush had proposed? Why hasn't anybody NOTICED THAT?"
Also, he keeps promising NO MORE TAXES ON THE MIDDLE CLASS and the Value Added Tax hasn't been discarded as an avenue for more tax revenue yet. Sort of like the ridiculous lie of "You can keep your health care if you like it!"

Chuck said...

Z, I think they think they are clever.

Brooke said...

I know, I know. Every day I wake up thinking, "What can they do to us today? They've already screwed us to the wall." And then they give us one more.

cube said...

This summer I convinced my youngest daughter to read 1984 and she is seeing the parallels in this administration.

The MSM is complicit in making BO look his best when me messes up and in giving him credit when he doesn't deserve it.

Except for talk radio, a few blogs and FOX, they control the information.

Chuck said...

Brooke, it doesn't end

Cube, I read it when I was a teen. (before 1984) The parallels are eerie.

MK said...

Give them the vote, then you can see what their true colors are before voting in november.