Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Of The Images I have Been Unable To Shake

I remember lying on the couch 9 years ago this morning and watching the planes crash into the World Trade Center. Obviously that image will always be with me.

One of the images I have been the most haunted by though is the image of people jumping to their death from the towers. The fear these people must have been feeling to take that plunge. The fact that they lived for seconds as they fell.

I see this picture and I feel angry all over again.

Now we have a group wanting to build a mosque within feet of where these people landed on the ground at the base of the WTC towers.

They are killing these people all over again.


Z said...

that's the image which most affects me to this day, Chuck, and I blogged on it...asking for the memories of others of 9/11.
Thanks...I couldn't post the picture but it is important we see and remember that poor man.

Karen Howes said...

Pissing on their graves is what they're doing, Chuck. Horrible.

Yesterday, a fellow [high]school teacher called in an assistant principal to have a chat with her homeroom because they were mocking 9/11. She was so angry and upset she could hardly see straight!

But a lot of other kids wore American flag shirts and displayed patriotism.

Brooke said...

Quite a few people leaped to their deaths rather than burn.

We must never forget these victims. AND who murdered them.

Chuck said...

Z, agreed. We need to remember all of them, including the ones who died after because they tried to help

Karen, my daughter (10 years old) doesn't really know what it was. The schools aren't teaching them and I am having a hard time deciding what to tell her

Brooke, agreed

Phill Senters said...

Chuck, I don't mean to sound uncaring about kid's feelings, but I think all kids should know the truth. The schools, especially government schools will not tell it like it is. If we don't give them the whole truth, all the 9/111 victims will be forgotten. The Islamic radicals still want to destroy America, and if we ever forget 9/11 they will succeed.

cube said...

It doesn't take an image such as this to make me angry because I don't think the anger has ever subsided. See this image just makes the anger white hot.

That 9/11 isn't being taught about in schools is unbelievable. I'm hoping that it is only because they are considered too young at 10. The plan to not teach it at all is unthinkable.

I won't tell you what to tell your daughter, but we always used dinner time to talk to our kids about their day at school and often had to give the opposing point of view to what they learned. And this was at a private Catholic school.

We tried to tell them the truth as best we knew it and our opinions and let them digest everything and then we'd discuss what they thought about it all.

Our girls are well-adjusted, politically more savvy than their friends, and able to stand up and intelligently discuss subjects
with their teachers.