Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This Can't Be Good

Ohio: Bush 50, Obama 42

A new poll set for release tomorrow has 50% of Ohio voters wishing that Bush were still President to 42% saying that things are okay just fine with Obama.

Think this will have an effect on the mid-terms?

My guess is that we could be looking at a slaughter of biblical proportions.


Mustang said...

My concern is that there are still 42% of the people who think everything is fine with Obama. My question is, are these licensed people, or are they illegal?

Z said...

that ANYBODY still thinks Obama's okay by them is scary...Mustang has a good point.
Chuck, it could be VERY good for us, but knowing the Lefties, I'm very worried about voter fraud (what happened to Gloria Allred's protestations that her fellow Hillary voters had been illegally duped by the Obama people in the primaries?...and what happened to that video showing Dem after Dem talking about extreme voter fraud from the left in Houston? SILENCE..who silenced them?)...
Voter fraud AND a big OCTOBER SURPRISE that paints the Right pretty badly: They've tried already this year: RACIST...TAKING AWAY YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY...PARTY OF NO.........BUSH BUSH BUSH.
Still, this poll is promising.
your pessimistic friend!

Phill Senters said...

What do you mean by "This Can't Be Good" ???? I think it's great!!

cube said...

Yeah, I worry about those 42% too. The koolaid is still being passed around. And then there's the voter fraud. A lot can happen between now and November.

MK said...

Damn that's gotta hurt them democrat scum, after all these years of blaming bush, even with the slimestream media scum on side, the public are just not buying it.

A slaughter of biblical proportions is what they deserve, so i hope they get it. The only thing standing in their way are stupid republicans who think they know better than their masters, the public.

Always On Watch said...

The Dems are going to freak out the morning after this November's elections.

I'll be smiling.

Chuck said...

Mustang, good question. But of course if they are illegal they can't vote, right? Right?

Z, I think if you take this with the polls showing the right much more engaged, it could be a bad time for the Dems. Even Larry Sabato, no conservative, is predicting doom for them

Phil, I looked at that title later - should have added "for the Dems" I guess I was going for sarcasm

Cube, I do worry about voter fraud. Look at the Stewart Smalley election

MK< things have to be going against them if the media cannot pull it off for them

AOW, the media will finally be interested in voter fraud - on the right

Brooke said...

As an Ohio voter, I have firsthand experience that most voters around here HATE what Obama is doing. Only when you get to the inner city around Cincinnati do you start seeing Obama supporters.

Karen Howes said...

I can't believe there are 42% who think that Obama is okay!

Chuck said...

Brooke, and maybe Cleveland I would assume

Karen, good point