Monday, September 6, 2010

What Do You Think About This?

Democrats plan political triage to retain House

The thinking by the Dems here is that they will perform triage on the races and pull funding for lost causes and move it to races that are more competitive for them. The hope is they can save just enough seats to save the House.

What are your thoughts?

Will it work?

Does it look prudent or panicky?

What do the "lost causes" do? Do they roll over and play dead? Take one for the party? Or do they keep their money and fight on?

What about the Senate?


Always On Watch said...

It might work to a certain extent.

I see this strategy as both prudent and panicky.

As for the Senate, only 1/3 of the seats are up for re-election this year, I think.

Z said...

I think it's too little too late.
Think they'll take any money from Alvin Green's campaign? :-)

Sam Huntington said...

I just left a somewhat blabby comment at Leslie’s blog that will answer your question. I do think the Democrats will pull out all stops to save their bacon in November. I have no idea whether they will succeed. Considering how badly they’ve infected our system of voting with Acorn, SEIU, and a host of other seditious organizations, not to mention the number of dead people who continue voting for Democratic incumbents, they might pull it off. My question is what is the GOP going to do if they actually take back the House and Senate?

Karen Howes said...

It smacks of desperation, but it's not stupid. I'd say it's both.

Hayden said...

The lefties, liberals, and Democrats (often three in one the same)will do whatever they can to maintain power, so it is no wonder they chose a strategy as you mention here. We must be ever diligent to expose corruption in the voting process as well, which we will not put it passed this group to pull out all stops in order to win.

One should ask, will we see the Black Panter group get involved in the coming election, will the American people tire of the campaign ads (per usual) and skip the voting process, will, as Sam rightly suggests, even more dead people (and I will add cartoon characters, foreign nationals etc.) be voting this November...

Regardless of the answers, this is going to be interesting. But the big question remains, if the GOP regains control, will they finally return to conservative foundations and seek to represent the people or will they continue to resort to politics as usual and work toward concreting their political careers?

Mustang said...

Crap ... just when I start feeling good about November, Sam and Hayden show up and bust my bubble with a dose of reality. Bad Sam, Bad Hayden.

Okay, just kidding. With 42% of likely voters who still think Obama is doing a bang up job, the issue of November elections remains in doubt. What bothers me most is I've learned my dogs are all likely voters and democrats. They'll vote for whomever gives them the most treats. Damn dogs.

Chuck said...

AOW, only 1/3 0 the Senate seats are up for grabs but some are more tenable than others

Z, what about Alaska?


My question is what is the GOP going to do if they actually take back the House and Senate?

That is a good question

Karen, smart but probably too late

Hayden, the GOP needs to watch the military vote this year

Mustang, sadly the dogs are probably the smarter of the 42%

Gramma 2 Many said...

I read about this this morning. It may be a bit desperate but what concerns me even more it that Republicans tend to get a little complacent. Thinking they have it all sewn up so there is nothing to worry about. Once that attitude is adopted, all will be lost for us. Couple that with the Democrats having absolutely no qualms about using unfair tactics if it means they come out on top. We still have a very long hard row to hoe.

Chuck said...

Gramma, I think you have good point but I don't see the GOP being complacent

Gramma 2 Many said...

I hope not Chuck

cube said...

They are nothing if not ruthless on the left. They are trying to save what they can. A prudent move born of desperation.