Monday, September 13, 2010

What Do You Think About This?

It is likely all who are reading this have heard about the Pastor in Florida that was threatening to burn Korans in protest.

In my mind the man sounds a bit like a nut, partly over the issue of burning the Koran, partly because of statements he has made since then.

My question though, is what do you think about it?

The pastor, sane or not, has created a stir.

We have the Secretary of Defense, Bill Gates condemning it.

We have the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton condemning it.

We have the media condemning it.

We have Muslims oversees rioting and burning American flags in condemnation. Death to America.

One would think they would have been equally outraged by this:

Christians in Gaza Fear for Their Lives as Muslims Burn Bibles and Destroy Crosses


Does anyone reading this actually believe Hillary Clinton or Bill Gates condemned this harassment of Christians and the burning of their Holy Book and crosses?

What about all of those moderate Muslims out there? Think any of them stood up and condemned this action?

Maybe the ones burning the flag and chanting death to America. Maybe they rioted over this treatment of Christians?

Do you think this was even covered by the fringe media in the US?

So, I ask again. What do you think about burning the Koran?

Is it a hate crime?

Should it be allowed and celebrated as a free speech right like desecrating the American flag or Christian religious symbols are?

Or, should we take the moral high ground and show we are better than the savages of Islam and the left?

What are your thoughts?


Linda said...

I think we should be able, not allowed, to burn it, but we are better than them! This shouldn't have even been a story!

God is still in control!

Sam Huntington said...

Robert Gates is SecDef; Bill Gates owns my operating system. LOL.

The point most people are missing, and I have seen only one other person comment on it, is that the Preacher is secondary to a much larger issue.

It isn't a matter of the right of burning books. If you can burn the flag, you can burn books. I personally don't care if moon-god worshipers have a fit. Screw them. There's another christian preacher in NC who is going to burn Bibles ... and you don't hear much about that.

So the issue is this: the progressive and media left now control what we're talking about. The only reason the koran burning is news is because the left wanted it to be in the news. We are talking about because the left wants us to talk about it. For me, it makes me wonder what else is going on that we don't know about because we're paying too much attention to a nut bag.

cube said...

If were're free to burn the American flag and the bible, then I don't see why we shouldn't be free to burn korans too.

The left can celebrate the Piss Christ and the Dung Madonna as
free speech, but suddenly they have to show tolerance to islam?

I say the moslems learn to show tolerance to us starting with the moving of the mosque. Otherwise, burn, baby, burn.

Mustang said...

This topic came up at Z’s blog the other day. Not too many people agreed with my stance then, I don’t suppose many will agree with me now, either. My point was that by threatening to commit a well-publicized insult to Islam, and then backing away from it, the nut-bag in Florida made Americans and Christians seem irresolute and afraid of the “Moslem World.” This is important because they demand we submit to them. Weakness is submission. Preacher Jones is an idiot.

Semper Fi

Chuck said...

Let me be clear, I do not condone the burning of the Koran no more than I would the Bible.

While I feel Islam is a religion full of hatred, it is considered by it's adherents to be a religion and the Koran their holy book. I don't agree with them but I do not condone defiling it either.

My point was that if people have the right to defile Christian icons or the Holy Bible, then they need to accept the right of others to do the same with the Koran if they choose to do so. If not then also stop burning Bibles.

Linda, well put

Sam, I commented at Cube's blog along the same lines as you. This is artificial outrage manufactured by the media. If the far left media (in other words most of the US media) would stop apologizing and promoting these violent and deadly protests by Islam, I think they would stop happening. At the minimum we would stop having to hear about it.

Cube, I'm tired of hearing about tolerance from Islam. They can go to Hell. They are the most intolerant, hateful people on Earth at home and then come here and demand tolerance. Fuck them.

Mustang, I do agree with you.

-he is a nutbag

-he made us look weak

-he gave the Muslims a victory, allowed them to think that all they have to do is riot in the street and kill a few of their own innocent citizens and we will piss our pants and submit

Quite frankly we would have been better off if he had done it. He shouldn't have made the claim in the first place but once he did he should have carried through.

Karen Howes said...

I think I answered your questions in another comment, but I'll say it again:

The Koran is a vile book that deserves burning. We do not owe it, or the violent retards who kill in its name, one iota of respect.

That said, I don't think we should stoop to their level and act like THEM. Let burning things remain what they do, not us.

Gramma 2 Many said...

The thought that kept going through my mind was if he wants to burn the book, just do it and do not try to create a media circus out of it.
BTW, has anyone gotten all up and insulted because "BHO" ordered the burning of Bibles that were sent to Afghanistan?

MK said...
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MK said...

Well the savages have now called for the death of the koran-burners, yet there is no condemnation from the western elites. Heck, there were even christian and jewish groups running to coddle muslims when the news of the koran burning broke, but nothing from them over the calls for death. Real funny this religion of peace and its western apologists.

~Leslie said...

Of course anyone has the right to burn the Koran, the Bible, the flag... the question is what is the real motive behind the act and what purpose does it serve? What does it prove and shouldn't our protestation efforst be put to better use?

Chuck said...

Karen, I agree. I will not lose any sleep over the burning Koran but we should try to stay civilized. My big issue is not wanting to burn it but to have the right to if others are given the right to deface the Bible.

Gramma, he was a glory hound.

MK, we need to protect the poor little bastards from the intolerant westerners.

Lelsie, it is sad that a little nutjob like this has caused all of this fuss but I do think it is a conversation that needs to be had.

Always On Watch said...

Burning the Koran is not a hate crime.

I don't care if Terry Jones is a nutjob. In America, he has every right to burn whatever book he chooses.

Sam Huntington said: So the issue is this: the progressive and media left now control what we're talking about. The only reason the koran burning is news is because the left wanted it to be in the news.

I agree.

Furthermore, being forced to back off burning the Koran (spit) results in sending the message of fear to the ummah. Huge mistake! Islam respects one thing -- the strong man. We are weak in the eyes of the ummah, who don't mind burning my holy book, the Bible, whenever they choose. Actually, that's okay with me. It's not THEIR holy book. Besides, burning my holy book doesn't disempower my God.

cube said...

Mustang is right about the entire incident making us look weak. Once you say you're going to do something, then you back down as a result of something else, you lose credibility. Pastor Loon made us all look bad.

Chuck said...

AOW, people do have a right to be a nutjob. Also, there is no small irony in calling this man one when we are talking about Islam...

Cube, agreed