Monday, September 20, 2010

What Do You Think About This?

Octomom Ready To Go on Welfare, Report Says

Read the article. It turns out her 15 minutes are up and she is now running out of money so she may have to go on the public dole.

I realize that she has children and trust me, I do not want to starve children. With that said, what are your thoughts on this?

Should we be supporting her? Or, should she have to live with the choices she has made? If you are against welfare for her, what about the kids?


Linda said...

What a conundrum! Will she use welfare money for the kids? How much should she get? I don't have any answers, but where is her family? Church?

Gramma 2 Many said...

Unfortunately, we need to support her/the children. It is a conundrum but we cannot let the kids suffer for her stupid actions. If they were taken from her and put into the foster system, we would be supporting them so if she is a good mother they need to be with her and we will still get the bill.
Just get some of "O's" employees to pay up on their taxes and there will be sufficient money to do it.

Sam Huntington said...

Linda has the right idea. Charity is defined as people reaching out of their own free will to help people in need. It is NOT replacing human charity with government programs. Let the community step forward.

Grammas’ idea is what this woman is counting on. Who cannot have compassion for a child? And this scum woman will use her skillion children to enrich herself. The other day, there was a lady standing in front of the super market begging for money —only she wasn't begging, she had her 4 and 6 year olds doing it for her. They were cleaning up, too. Has the light bulb come on yet?

cube said...

I hear you, Chuck. I worry about those poor children because they have an idiot for a mother. In my world, Mr. Cube and I didn't have children until we got past the college years and we weren't poor as church mice. We had our kids when we were able to support them.

Where is the father??????

Gramma 2 Many said...

Sam, I totally agree with you. She is a low life with the morals of an alley cat and I am sure she is counting on reactions such as mine.
Believe me the light bulb is on, I just cannot leave these children hanging. The ideal solution would be for the community to step up to the plate, but they are all as disgusted as we are by her antics that they probably are not willing to extend the hand. Sad sad situation.

Mustang said...

There is no doubt this is a very difficult situation; those who are harmed most are the innocent: this woman’s children and the community who must now stand up and assure the children’s welfare. Like most of comments here, I am angered Nadya Suleman determines how we proceed with our dialogue. Okay, so taxpayers need to step up (as if they had a choice) … but this woman should be picking up trash along the highway until she repays her debt to society.

Chuck said...

I have always been perplexed by questions like this. We clearly have to take care of the children, a humane society does not let it's children starve. With that said, I want to spit nails when I think that this woman had these children with public assistance and now want us to support them. The time to fix this problem was when she wanted fertility treatment with no means of supporting the children she had with the procedure.

Linda, it is not an easy question

Gramma, we could lower the debt just with the cabinet

Sam, you make a good point. People like this lady use their children for gain. It's sad to see children used like this

Cube, this is where I come in on welfare. Responsible people have children if they can afford them. People like this mother have children for as long as we can afford them (and after)

Where is the father??????

Damned good question. I don't think she should get a dime until this info is provided and daddy is hit up for support.

Mustang, you win the cigar. This is what I have always thought about welfare. Give a hand up if needed, I am not as heartless as I seem. There should be strings attached though. Clean up the highways, work in a soup kitchen, something to repay the debt.

I have a cousin that I have not, by choice, seen for years. She just simply kept having kids (and neglecting them) because we kept paying her to. We need to find a way top stop rewarding irresponsible behavior by these people.

Phill Senters said...

I think whoever gave her the fertility treatments should be held responsible for the last eight children, and the father(s) of the first six should be found and required to pay child support.

Chuck said...

Phil, agreed

Always On Watch said...

She is trying to milk the system.

I question her fitness as a parent in general.

Z said...

Odd; when people want to ADOPT, they must go through such gyrations to prove they'll be fit parents.
But, look at this situation, and now what?..14 kids, right?
Should they be allowed to stay with her? I know, that sounds cruel but is there someone from the Stste monitoring what shape they're in?

Awful situation and good question, Chuck. Sadly, it's not a hypothetical.