Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An Arrogance That Knows No Bounds

Obama: Republicans Will Have to Learn to Get Along With Me

I think it is becoming reasonable to worry about this man's sanity.

Read the above article.

If the GOP wins in November it will mean they have to work with him.

It is getting hard to tell if this is arrogance or a pathological narcissism.


MK said...

I posted about this very thing, the hubris of the fellow is unbelievable.

Always On Watch said...


How can anyone stand this man?

Chuck said...

MK< I think he's a nut

AOW, fewer and fewer are

Brooke said...

Unreal! I agree, Chuck, the man is nutso! As Savage said, liberalism is a mental disorder.

Ticker said...

He has NBD. It pure and simple. The behavioral disorder covers a lot of area. In his mind he is above reproach. He is never wrong about anything. He is never guilty of anything wrong. In other words he lacks the ability to comprehend right or wrong because everything he does is right. Many individuals who have become mass murderers have the same characteristics.

cube said...

A perfect case for the repudiation of affirmative action. Celebrate a worthless turd long enough and they begin to think the sun revolves around them.

Chuck said...

Brooke, right

Ticker, like Brooke said - he's a lib, same difference

Cube, he was worshipped too long and too much