Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coming To America?

Entire police force in Los Ramones, Mexico quits after gunmen attack headquarters

Read the article, it's scary.

This town is a 75 mile drive from the US border. The entire police force quit after men from a drug cartel emptied a thousand rounds and six grenades into their brand new police station.

As it turns out though this is not an unusual occurrence. Police forces in small towns in Mexico like this one commonly quit over gang violence.

Quite frankly, who could blame them?

Being a police officer in a small sleepy US town has some risk to it. Being an inner city police officer in a large US city can be a downright dangerous profession.

How would you like to be a police officer in a small town in Mexico in an area controlled by the drug cartels and outgun you? Oh, and they have no qualms what so ever about killing police officers.

I am amazed they can find anyone to do the job to begin with.

Back to the beginning though.

Remember how I said this is only 75 miles from the US border?

How can we not see this as a national security threat?

How can we keep throwing foreign aid at a country like Mexico that refuses to control it's drug crime in the shadow of the US border. Crime that spills over into the US so that we have entire sections of the US southwest in which our citizens cannot go?

How can we allow this government to join in on a lawsuit against one of our own states?

How can we let the President of this lawless country stand at the front of our House of Representatives and attack one of our own states?

Finally, how can we have almost half of the members of the House give this attack a standing ovation?

Most importantly, how soon before this is a police station in small town America?


Linda said...

Our government is doing a mighty poor job of defending our borders!

Brooke said...

"I am amazed they can find anyone to do the job to begin with."

Tell me about it!!!

As for the security risk to this country... We conservatives have been SCREAMING this for a very long time. The only reason our gov't doesn't see this as an issue is because they CHOOSE not to... But why?

That's the issue.

Mustang said...

President Calderone's solution is a joke. It is no wonder the cartels have taken over; Mexico's government is a complete sham.

Now if you ask Calderone, he'll claim this is all America's fault. Naturally, Obama, Napolitano, and Clinton will agree. And Jerry Brown, too.

cube said...

The Mexico problem is escalating in alarming proportions. It's only a matter of time before it comes here and the National Guard needs to handle it.

Chuck said...

Linda, more like no job

Brooke, good point. They have to see the problem

Mustang, it's Bush's fault

Cube, if we deploy them

MK said...

In a word Chuck, democrats. They'll only learn when it's them getting shot up.

If it's you all getting shot to hell, that's alright with them, just a law & order issue that you probably caused in the first place.