Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is Harry Reid Toast?

EXCLUSIVE: Aide to Harry Reid Lied to Feds, Submitted False Documents About Sham Marriage


I thought Reid was going down anyways. Now it comes out that one of his aides did a marriage-for-hire scheme to help a Lebanese terrorist get US citizenship. Read the article, it gets much better than this.

Good-bye Harry, wish I could say I will miss you.

Note: after writing this I looked at a story on MSNBC.com that most of you will find interesting.

The article doesn't mention the fact that the man in the case, Bassam Mahmoud Tarhini, was a person of interest in an Oklahoma City Joint Terror Task Force investigation.

The MSNBC article goes to great lengths to make this seem as if it is nothing more than a political attack on Reid by Fox News. As evidence of this they cite Media Matters, a far left site that appears to exist solely to attack Fox and which has had allegations that it is funded by George Soros leveled against it. For all of the hand-wringing on the left about hidden donors contributing to GOP friendly groups, I could not find out who their benefactors are. If you have the stomach for it, visit the site.

The article on MSNBC went to great lengths to explain that this all happened before this low level staffer worked for Reid and there was no evidence Reid knew. This low level staffer represented Reid on Spanish speaking TV. As far as it all happening before she worked for Reid, she confessed to the crime 2 months after starting for him. The case was finally resolved on July 6 this year when her divorce was finalized. So essentially almost the entire time she worked for Reid the case was ongoing. I think the real question here is that if Reid in fact did not know, why not?

So, there you go, the free press for all to see.


Ticker said...

Soros funding FOX? What kind of stuff have the folks who said this been smoking, ingesting or drinking? FOX is the last place Soros would be putting money. Everyone knows that SOROS leans so far left that he appears to be on his head at times. Funding NPR is totally correct and probably giving some kind of support to MSNBC would not be out of the realm of possibility or probability.
You know things are really going bad when the left will go as far as throwing Soros under the bus and accusing him of funding anything on the right.

cube said...

If this had been a republican aide scandal, it would've been all over the news cycle and much less fair about the details.

I've learned more about this story from reading your post than I did from the news this morning.

The left is doing all it can to keep Harry alive!!!!

Ticker said...

Cube, there are enough fools on the left to get Harry re-elected and then you will hear all the hoots about the "tea-baggers" and their "idiot candidates". Never mind that a jackass would be a great improvement over Harry, no insult to all the jackasses in the animal kingdom intended.
Look for Harry to go back. "If you can't earn it, steal it." The leftist motto.

Mustang said...

I saw this at ForeLeft … it is a revelation that no one wants to touch, and Angle will avoid it if she has any brains. First, people want to believe Manley’s claim that (a) the Senator and staff knew nothing about the sham marriage, or (b) that this is a republican attack unjustified by any facts. Add a third concern: Angle has already alienated Hispanics by telling them they look Asian (even if that’s true). Someone should be asking, “Do we gain more than we might lose by making an issue of this incident?”

Honestly, put yourself in the young woman’s position. Are you going to announce to co-workers that you received money to marry a terrorist? So Manley could be right …

Chuck said...

Ticker, I wrote that a little awkwardly, the allegation is that he is funding Media Matters.

Cube, including buying votes - come back later...

Mustang, I agree that Angle should stay out of it - let us sling the mud ;)

Seriously though, her best bet is to let surrogates ask the questions. Learn from Obama in 2008, use it against them.

Z said...

You know, Chuck, I've about had it, have you?
I swear I'm close to tears thinking that we have a media that won't tell America ANYTHING that reflects badly on the left no matter how true it is.
This is no big story to me but that fraud story I just linked for you on the post above this is, and the way Behar called SHarron Angle a "bitch" today and the way Obama's referring to US as THE ENEMY? WHat the heck is HAPPENING?
I just can't BELIEVE this

MK said...

I hope you are right, that reid is gone, really, really hope so. Hoping the door hits him on the ass on the way out too.