Friday, October 29, 2010

Is This A Good Idea?

Will Google's Online Operating System Revolutionize the Computer?


It sounds convenient, possibly faster and easier to use than Windows, eliminates the need for a hard drive, but is it a good idea?

Do you want all of your files, pictures, financial records stored at an offsite facility ran by Google?

Google has shown itself to be far-left and, in the case of China, willing to bow to governmental pressure.

It has been shown that Google censors it's search to bring up results that fit it's agenda. It has become quite a game to put items such as "Christianity is" in to see what the instant search will fill in for you. Try it, you will find that it is bullshit, not a religion, a cult, a lie, false, the most perverted, dying, wrong. There is not on single positve attribute listed in the first page of results.
Then there's this:

According to USA Today, 98% of search engine's employees gave money to Democrats in '04.

Add to that the fact that our far-left President has been given unprecedented power over the internet and the left wants the government to have more.

Are you comfortable having Google store all of your personal information?


Linda said...

I'm not ready to do this, but I think there are a bunch of lazy, leftist people out there that would love it if somebody else, or ever the government would just take over so they could play their games, or whatever they do. (Me, I read blogs,and comment!)

Ticker said...

Google, Yahoo the who dang bunch are as leftist as they come. Always putting the left in a good light and the right in a bad one. Have you read any of the headlines on Yahoo of late?
Do you really believe that Dems are ahead in areas where they have been 15 points behind?

Mustang said...

There are too many questions for this old head; I don’t know that I understand everything I know about Google Chrome OS. I certainly don’t trust my personal financial information to a central internet depository, particularly when George Soros or other leftist scrum can access it. Simple fact is, if you have enough money, you can get away with anything. Now I’m sure Soros isn’t worried about my net worth, which is nothing compared to his … but he may like to screw with me whenever I vote contrary to his point of view (which is approaching 150% of the time). I’m not sure I want the government to access my music files, or any of the digital evidence – the source of my unclaimed income – that I’m holding over people.

Computing speed depends entirely on how fast your CPU can process it. In this regard, Google won’t do much for people with dial-up access to the internet, or people like Sunset who are still operating a 386 gerbil powered processor.

Z said...

No, it certainly is NOT a good idea..wait till it's mandatory.
CHuck, it's getting scarier and scarier.
I noticed that some images are more difficult to catch for my posts and I wonder if that's intentional...

Z said...

false, wrong, evil, a lie, not a religion...

those are what came up when I put in CHRISTIANITY IS on my Google bar.......what the........?

islam is some pretty nasty things, too, but has also 'peace' and 'the way of life'......geeeZ

Karen Howes said...

I don't trust Google-- their leftist and pro-Islam bias is evident.

So, no, not a good idea.

Brooke said...

I wouldn't trust ANYONE else with personal info... Not good on so many levels.

Chuck said...

Linda, I agree. This also would make it easier for the government to take over the computers

Ticker, in their world they are

Mustang, this does put all of our info in the public realm. What about hackers? As far as the internet speed, I thought of that too. I don't have DSL or cable so, while not dial-up, still not blinding speed. As far as LA, good to see he finally upgraded to the gerbils.

Z, it opens all kinds of issues

Karen, Google is my biggest issue with this but not the only one

Brooke, agreed

Always On Watch said...

Do you want all of your files, pictures, financial records stored at an offsite facility ran by Google?

Ye, gods!

The potential for abuse and identity theft is enormous.

MK said...

Hell no, i ain't giving google anything, they can keep their online operating system.

LASunsett said...

Solomon said here is a reason and purpose for everything under the sun.

So it can only stand to reason....they don't call Mustang El Bastarde for nothing.

Chuck said...

AOW, scary thought isn't it?

MK, that's pretty much where I'm at

LA, I didn't realize Mustang knew Solomon. Did Mustang serve under him in the Marines?