Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is This Okay?

Pairing food, early-vote rallies raises legal risks

Read the article. Basically the South Dakota Democratic Party is sponsoring early vote rallies on Indian reservations and providing food for the attendees.

Two things about this:

-Democrats garner 95% of the vote on resservations

-it appears very likely it is illegal in the state of South Dakota

The Democratic Party has a long history of being helpful with voters; giving homeless people cigarettes, going into nursing homes and "helping" the residents vote, on and on.

Now for the million dollar question though:

What happens if this is determined to be illegal?

The state Republican Party has asked for an investigation but they are actively holding the rallies.

What about the votes they garner with this? Do they toss them? This seems unfair to the people who voted.

Do they fine them? They get, what, a $10,000 fine? This is just a campaign expenditure. Cheaper than a commercial buy.

This is becoming a standard m.o. for the Democrats.

Look at the Minnesota Senate election. Several local (democratic) election officials allowed enough felons to vote to swing the election to Al Franken. So what? He's still in the Senate.

Go back to the 2000 Presidential election in Florida. The Democrats would have given the election to Al Gore by counting invalid ballots if the Supreme Court had not stopped them.

The military ballots that have not been counted over the years, there's a reason the Dems do this. How many elections has this effected?

What about the dead voting?

It is known in the 2004 election that people were voting in more than one state.

Cuyahoga County in Ohio (a democratic stronghold) in 2008 the registered voter count was 100,000 higher than the actual number of people eligible to vote. At this time I saw a news feature of voters registered in Cleveland, in Cuyahoga County, at addresses that don't exist. One person was registered several times on one block, some of them at non-existant addresses.

ACORN. One word says it all.

So, again, what do we do about it?

I don't have the answer, just wondering if anyone else does.


Brooke said...

Absentee ballots must be kept to an absolute minimum and ID should be required, PERIOD.

That's a start, anyway.

Chuck said...

Brooke, another form of fraud. The left is pushing for early voting and absentee ballots. I think it is harder to keep track of them that way.

Phill Senters said...

The answer is: Toss the votes gathered this way... If it is illegal to buy votes, so then it is also illegal to sell them. It is not unfair to the ones who sold their votes because they were breaking the law in doing so.

Ticker said...

Bet they find more ballots lost in the trunk of a Vega again this election cycle. Who knows maybe even in the back seat of a Yugo.
The Panthers, union thugs etc(Obama Brown Shirts) will be out in force this election day.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Washington State has gone to mail ballot. One of the most efficient ways to commit voter fraud I can think of. Lost ballots, early counting and then swaying the results with early result predictions based on votes that have been counted. It goes on and on. My husband and I refuse to mail our ballot in until the last day possible. We used to be able to drop them off at selected polling places, but now they have closed all of those and we can only mail our ballot in. Any one hear "lost in the mail?"
I have to agree with Phill, toss the votes, any vote garnered by fraud must not be counted.

cube said...

I shudder at the lack of action on the part of republicans on the voter fraud front. How many elections are acceptable losses because we did nothing?

At this point, the only chance we have is to vote in such numbers that they can't possibly pull off any fraud.

Mustang said...

I think it is simply that the Progressives are confused. They perceive voter outreach as a moral responsibility, particularly when it involves providing cigarettes and whiskey to homeless people in exchange for voting for leftist candidates. I have often wondered how many of these people pulled the opposite level once they are alone inside the voting booth … you know, the final gag.

Personally, I don’t see a problem with people voting after they are dead; either you’re a patriot, or you aren’t. Now that Acorn has divested its corporate charter and renamed itself regionally —hiding in the bushes, so to speak, good luck trying to catch them in voting irregularities. Wait a minute; voting fraud isn’t an irregularity with Acorn! What was I thinking?

Always On Watch said...

Providing food?

Why stop there?

I'll say this for the Dems: they know how to get the vote out -- legally and otherwise.

Z said...

this is the most disgusting thing I"ve heard yet about Dem voter for FOOD?
You know the Republicans will get NOWHERE with their request for investigation.........
Did Michelle have food, too, in that Chicago precinct where she was drumming up votes for her husband's agenda? that'll be a dead story by tomorrow morning, too.
things are getting scarier and scarier....

Anonymous said...

It's nothing more than bribes by the democrats. How low will a political party go. Next, we'll have Ronald McDonald the clown driving people to the polls.

With that said, I'm truly tired of both political parties. Need to read a great book where Americans finally take a stand against the govt. It's about each of us & history maybe calling on us soon to meet our destiny in life. I recommend it.

Karen Howes said...

This is nothing short of bribery!But fraud is what they do.

Requiring valid photo ID and voter card would help, I think.

Chuck said...

Phil, I did think of that

Ticker, it will be interesting

Gramma, you wonder if select areas have trouble with their post office?

Cube, the GOP may find itself on the outside looking in if they let the Dems steal this election. This election determines the drawing of Congressional districts

Mustang, ACORN may be more dangerous now. Before they were the enemy you know...

AOW, whatever it takes I guess

Z, anyone else and this would have been illegal

Anon, agreed and nice job of self-promotion. Get a little pride

Karen, it is required just not enforced

MK said...

Would be nice if the republicans could grow a pair of balls and start calling for it and following through with prosecuting these lying cheaters when they get office.

Until then, don't vote democrat i guess.

Chuck said...

MK, it would be nice