Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quote Of The Week

“He that would look with contempt on the pursuits of the farmer, is not worthy the name of a man”

Henry Ward Beecher

I'm not a huge fan of Henry Ward Beecher but this quote fit what I wanted to write about this week.

As I have said before, we live in a small town in West Michigan. This weekend we have our annual local festival. As with a lot of small towns in the midwest that have these, ours centers largely around agriculture.

We have a parade as part of the festival and it is actually quite nice. It lasts for almost an hour and half and a lot of the participants are local so you recognize a lot of them. Participating in the parade every year are antique tractors that have been entered into a competition that is a part of the festival.

It's a midwestern thing, you have to live here to understand.

The point is, the parade and the fact that this is harvest time of year got me thinking about farmers and what they do for us.

We realize here in the midwest that people on the two coasts make fun of us. We don't care. We like where we are and have no interest in living in New York City or San Francisco. Quite frankly, we make fun of them.

We get the last laugh though, we make their food.

It would be interesting to see how the liberal elites of these cities would do without the farmers of the midwest, south, plains, etc. All of the people in "fly over land".

So, they can have their brie and wine. Me, I'm going to have a beer here in the heartland and watch the tractors go by.

Those that have not lost their jobs to China that is.


~Leslie said...

What an excellent commentary, Chuck, and so very true. How unique we humans are...

Brooke said...

I couldn't agree more, Chuck.

The festivals after the corn's brought in and the apple butter is made. Mmmm. Nothing like real corn from the farm to make popcorn, ect.

You're right; without the heartland, the elitists would starve in short order.

Linda said...

I have family that lives on both coasts, but the east side ones are a whole lot more liberal. I don't think they realize the trouble our country is in.

I was born a city girls, but moved to the farming area 37 years ago, and I love it!

Mustang said...

I agree with everyone who already commented; excellent commentary.

The smartest people I've ever spoken with are farmers. Those people know more about more stuff than anyone in the entire world. They get weather and climate, they understand science, they are the best mechanics, and they have the best attitudes of anyone.

That said, I wonder why the government can't leave the farmers alone to do what they do best: feed the world.

Chuck said...

Leslie, thanks

Brooke, on second thought...

Linda, I grew up in the inner city. It was essentially a ghetto. I would not go back to a city for nothing as far as I can tell

Mustang, for the most part they are genuine people too. I like going to Tractor Supply and all of the guys have overalls and boots on.

Z said...

I live on the Left Coast and I"d kiss a farmer's hands for what they do and for the struggles they go through trying to do it. And, I'd offer him wine and brie, or beer..whichever.
And, of course, the panic about losing a very tiny fish which DOES grow elsewhere, is causing our own California heartland which feeds about 55% of AMerica to dry and crack for lack of water because they were afraid that fish would become extinct..and nobody cares but a few people who can't convince the government that destroying AMerica is not the way to go. geeez
From this CALIFORNIA BRIE EATING WINE DRINKING girl..( and there are a lot like me)......
God bless our farmers

Chuck said...

Z, actually I'll admit that I sort of like Brie - it was just a little sarcasm.

Sadly California does not have a lock on favoring insignificant over humans.

Z said...

I got the sarcasm....
and yes, very sad CA is not alone.

MK said...

"It would be interesting to see how the liberal elites of these cities would do without the farmers of the midwest, south, plains, etc."

It would be quite pitiful actually, but in some ways good, that comeuppance sort of feeling you know.

cube said...

Good post, Chuck. I'm very grateful to farmers myself because without them I'd be one of the first to starve. I don't have good luck growing plants.

Chuck said...

Cube, thanks.