Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quote Of The Week

"My dad was gone by the time I was seven,"..."I was flunking out of high school. I failed geography, civics, Spanish and English. When you fail Spanish and English, you are not bilingual, you are bi-ignorant."


Tim Scott, candidate for Congress for South Carolina

Mr Scott is a candidate for Congress and is a black Republican.

The quote was about how, like Barrack Obama, Mr Scott was born into a broken home and raised in poverty.

Unlike Obama, Mr Scott went out, worked hard, and became a small business man.

The quote caught my eye largely for the last line.

Many people are born into poverty, something that is disproportionately high among minorities. A lot of them do poorly in school and have a life long excuse as to why they cannot succeed.

Black, Hispanic, white, etc, our country is littered with people who feel that they were not given a fair shake in life. Instead of picking themselves up and becoming a productive member of society, they wrap themselves in victimhood and wear that mantle proudly for the rest of their lives.

The rest of us on the other hand (and for the record, I was not born with a sliver spoon in my mouth) have to due with less of our income because we have to pay a higher rate of taxes for these victims.

We have to support their sitting up at night playing video games and sleeping all day habits.

We have to pay for their multiple out-of-wedlock births to multiple fathers who, you guessed it, sit up all night playing video games and sleeping all day.

We have to pay for their children as they grow to adults and begin having multiple children out-of-wedlock and sit up all night playing video games and sleep all day. The reason for this is that often having children out-of-wedlock and being a loafer who sits up all night playing video games and sleeping all day appears to be a genetic condition as does the underlying malady of victimhood.

I like the quote. If it is any indication of the man himself, he is someone we need in Congress.


Brooke said...

I could not agree any more, Chuck. Too may perpetuating the bad habits of their parents... Such a drag on the rest of us.

Gramma 2 Many said...

My husbands father died when he was 18 months old. The majority of his life was spent wondering where his mother was and if she was home, who the man was. I always had both parents, but my father was drunk more than not. We could have both remained in the slum, but we chose not to. He finished high school while our children were still at home, went to college, took three years to get a two year degree and off to Georgia for Chiropractic College. It would have been so easy to be a victim and let the system care for us and our children, but we both had values and pride. I say good for this young man and I will cheer for him!!:) We need more who will be willing to fight the fight instead of taking the easy way.

MK said...

So long as he's not wrapping himself in victim hood and blaming everyone else, he's got my vote.

Randy said...

Good find. As a resident of SC, I'm going to look into this guy. He's not in my district (I'm at the other end of the state), but hopefully he'll run for a bigger office some day...

And hopefully, he can counteract some of what Clyburn (another SC politician) does.

cube said...

I'm sick of the professional victims too. I don't want to go into detail, but my brother and sisters weren't born into the lap of luxury. Our father worked his butt off and made our family succeed despite the odds that the political environment of his time threw against him.

Chuck said...

Brooke, agreed

Gramma, thanks for the story. I worked my way through nursing school. We were poor for 4 years but we kept up on our house payment and fed our kids

MK, agreed

Randy, you have real winner in Clyburn

Cube, you appreciate it more that way