Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Show Us The Donor List Mr President

Much has been made by the left about funding for the current Congressional campaign from outside groups supporting Republican candidates. The accusation is that the groups do not disclose where they get their money. The claim in essence is that these are shadowy groups secretly funding campaigns.

Most prominently, the White House and Democratic National Committee have been attacking the Chamber of Commerce's financing of ads against primarily Democratic candidates.

The accusations, so far unfounded, are that the C of C is accepting foreign contributions and money from the usual Republican bogeymen, Wall Street, big oil, blah, blah, blah.

While I am not a fan of interest groups financing political campaigns, I am also not going to fault the GOP for accepting the help as long as Democratic campaigns are funded by George Soros, unions, the abortion lobby, trial lawyers, etc.

The point I am trying to make though is that if anyone in the Republican National Committee has any brains (evidence has yet to surface of this) they would see this attack as a gift from the DNC.

In 2008 Barrack Obama accepted $400 million in contributions from groups who did not disclose their donors. There has been strong anecdotal indications that money for the campaign came from foreign sources, specifically the Middle East.

The President and the DNC opened the door, the RNC just needs to walk through it. Demand that Obama release his donor list from the 2008 campaign. Run a commercial asking these questions.

We are seeing some on the right throw it back in the President's face, just watching Fox News this morning I saw Karl Rove and Laura Ingram questioning it.

The RNC needs to fall in line.


Brooke said...

Chuck, how is it that you and I can see such a wonderful opportunity and the RNC either does not see it or dithers and does nothing?

It's infuriating!

Ticker said...

We know of course that George Soros is pouring money into the Congressional and Governor's races using his so called non-profit groups and his 527's, most of which are funded by sources OUTSIDE THE USA. He has two more years to see if his sock puppet can perform and reach the goal of bringing the US to is knees.
It's time to VOTE folks in order to stop these fools from taking over the country and driving it to third world status.

Chuck said...

Brooke, they see it, they just don't do it

Ticker, I've read articles that say Soros has been pouring money into Secretary of State races to elect SOS' that will help swing close races.

Always On Watch said...

This issue is a major Achilles Heel for Obama.

Hit the target, GOP! Sheesh.

Z said...

As rotten as they can be sometimes, Republicans NEVER get it together when they're faced with obvious chances to show the TRUTH. Of course, the media won't broadcast that truth from them so it's sometimes a moot point....'if a tree falls in the forest and nobody's there, is it heard?'

We need to buck up; since when did Rove shirk from attacks? Why can't he get Michael Steele on the horn and INSTRUCT!? Now's the TIME!

Chuck said...

AOW, it could be huge enough that it could start setting up a narrative for 2012.

Z, Rove is one of the few going after them. Have you even heard Michael Steele's name in the last few weeks? Incredible that the chair of the RNC seems to be AWOL this close to an election

~Leslie said...

Unfortunately, the RNC has a very bad habit of missing open doors and allowing their faces to hit the wall instead. It is almost an inexplicable phenomenon which is unfailing.


LASunsett said...

Here's a partial list found at Open Secrets.Org.

Please note that GA in this case does not list Atlanta as its capital city. In this instance, it stands for Gaza.

But maybe I am nitpicking again....I often do that.

Chuck said...

Leslie, great analogy

LA, Gaza huh? I'm shocked

MK said...

"I am also not going to fault the GOP for accepting the help as long as Democratic campaigns are funded by George Soros, unions, the abortion lobby, trial lawyers, etc."

Neither am i and don't forget wall street, they've given far more to the democrats than to the GOP. How about that list president obongo.

Chuck said...

MK, they get money from Wall Street but then paint the GOP with that brush