Monday, October 11, 2010

What Do You Think About This?

Even though we have recently found that Meg Whitman is a whore;

Meg Whitman Called 'Whore' in Jerry Brown Phone Message

What do you think about the issue with her and her housekeeper?

There are so many layers to this issue.

Is she just another wealthy person who thinks she is above the law and can hire an illegal?

Is the housekeeper being used by the queen of self-promotion Gloria Alred? Is she being used by Alred to help the campaign of Jerry Brown?

Why isn't this a discussion about the fact that this "victim" is actually a criminal in the country illegally who lied to her employer?

Is this case exhibit A of how the media and rest of the left are trying to change the conversation from the fact that illegal immigrants are criminals to making them out to be the real victims?

What are your thoughts?


Mustang said...

IMO, Whitman took every reasonable precaution to ensure that the person she hired was legally entitled to work in the United States; she used a reputable employment agency. We cannot hold Whitman responsible for the fact this woman provided the employment agency with a false social security card.

To Whitman’s credit, she terminated the employment of this women when the fact became known, providing her with a generous termination stipend. Gloria Allred is a woman devoid of integrity and I think is guilty of several serious ethical violations.

The illegal alien should be arrested and charged with possession of fraudulent documents; she needs to go to jail for this. It certainly does defeat the argument that illegals come here with all the right intentions, doesn't it?

I have no doubt that by now, this woman is already back in Mexico laughing her ass off … and let me tell you, this is the sort of thing you see all the time in the Mexican community; culturally, they are a lawless, dishonest group of people.

Brooke said...

What a huge headache. I agree with Mustang; prosecute the illegal!

And calling Whitman a whore?!? Just more TYPICAL misogyny from the tolerant left, I see.

Imagine if a Republican called a Dem woman such a thing! Helooooo? MSM?

Ticker said...

Typical twisting and coloring of the facts by the leftist.

Wonder how many illegals Jerry Brown has employed in his time? You'll never hear about it in the LSM now will you, nor even the question of the possibility. Same with Allred.

Ike had the right idea on illegals, round em up and ship em out.

cube said...

Whitman goes to an employment agency, employs this woman for 9 years, and she is repayed with a timely hit job just before the election. Typical of the politicas of the left.

Whitman isn't my favorite candidate, but she is hands down better for California than Brown. Don't people remember governor moonbean's first run?

cube said...

Don't even get me started on the use of the word "whore". Had it come from a republican, it would've been leading the news cycle.

Shame on moonbeam who has based his whole political persona on being a kind, loving, tolerant liberal who speaks softly, loves children, animals, and everyone in the world... um, except republicans.

Always On Watch said...

I have no patience with those who hire illegals to do work within the United States.

As we heard during Watergate, "What did she know, and when did she knoe it?"

Z said...

My thought is "Wait, the National Org. of Women" is still supporting Brown after his staff called a woman a WHORE?
As Dr Laura says "National Organization of WHAT woman?"
NOW would support Brown if he advocated sexual mutilation of young girls like muslims do as LONG as it wasn't Christians doing it, THEN they'd be OUTRAGED! :-)

Gramma 2 Many said...

A smear job all the way through. G. AllRed is a person with no moral compass at all. She does not give a flying fig what happens to this woman once the election is over. I think Mustang has hit the nail squarely on the head.
I am, at this point, just waiting to see how they plan to steal the election. I know there is a plan in place, the Dem machine is just waiting for the optimum time to implement it.

Chuck said...

Mustang, we won't deport her - she's a victim now. She'll get lawsuit money

Brooke, the party that defends women's rights huh?

Ticker, maybe Fox needs to look into Brown?

Cube, good point. By all accounts this woman was treated well by Whitman. How does she repay her?

AOW, Whitman is insisting she din't know. If she is lying than piss on her. Until it is proven that she knew they need to give her the same "innocent until proven guilty" pass that we give drug dealers and rapists.

Z, they supported serial sexual harasser Bill Clinton. Their credibility is long gone.

Gramma, by November 3rd this woman's tossed on the garbage heap by her "defenders"

Karen Howes said...

As long as Whitman did what she was supposed to do to ensure that this woman was legal (checking ss card, for example), it's not her fault.

The housekeeper's ass should be deported immediately though, without a single dime given to her.

Phill Senters said...

Judging from the note Whitman's hubby scribbled on the SS notice, it seems very likely that Meg W never even saw it, just like she said. The illegal worker, Nicky Diaz. is just that...ILLEGAL...And her deceptions to gain employment was also illegal. So, just who is the victim?
As for Gloria Allred, every time her name comes up it's another sleazy lawyer case.
There is NO excuse for calling anyone a whore...Period.

Always On Watch said...

she terminated the employment of this women when the fact became known, providing her with a generous termination stipend.

Why the termination stipend? That's a red flag for me.

Chuck said...

Karen, agreed. In fact I would one-up you, she needs to repay the federal, state, and local governments for any services she used while here.

Phil, she's a leftist - shes the victim. You know how this works my friend. ;)

AOW, it was a pay-off. This was embarrassing no matter what. I'm not defending Whitman, hell she could be lying through her teeth. I'm not even sure I'm a big fan of hers. I would certainly vote for her over Brown but that would be as much a protest vote as a vote of support. My beef is making this illegal immigrant a martyr in the case. She is simply put, a criminal.