Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Can It Get Any Sicker?

Minnesota County Investigating Voter Fraud Allegations Involving Mentally Disabled

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Basically mental health workers, and some poll workers, were seen "helping" mentally disabled residents of a home vote.

Some of the people brought to the poll didn't appear to know where they were.

Some resisted and were helped with their voting.

There are reports of the mental health staff telling the residents how to vote.

There was even reports of the staff from the home filling out the ballots for them.

Don't worry though, officials in Minnesota are investigating.

But wait, you might exclaim, isn't this the same state that allowed Stewart Smalley to steal a Senate election by letting felons vote illegally?

Well, yes it is. I would say to that.

Any more questions?


~Leslie said...

How shocking... at least, I wish I could say it was shocking. Twisted, disgusting, you know the usual adjectives to describe progressives. The answer to you questions is: No, it can't get sicker; at least we can hope not.

Z said...

I'm not shocked..isn't Minnesota FRANKEN's state? How the heck ELSE could that jerk have won?

Chuck, you read my post and saw that I talked about a very old woman, head hanging, in a wheel chair, tongue unstable....and her 'handler' said she'd like to vote. I thought "WHO'd like to vote!?"

this is a terrible story and we're just going to have to realize that Americans find ideology more important than integrity (SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!) (how awful)

Now, I have to turn the TV on and wait...I've tried to avoid news long enough today: the countdown begins. (Pray hard, folks!)

Ticker said...

And you are surprised? fraud will be rampant where the races are close for sure. Nevada already has reports but of course the SoS(a Demonkkkrat) has poo-pooed them as unusual and few .

LASunsett said...

I'm shocked.....shocked that they can only find one county doing this.

Chuck said...

Leslie, there is always more down sadly

Z, there has been stories for years of Democrats going into nursing homes to help the residents vote

Ticker, latest is that Angle is accusing one of the casinos of pressuring their staff to vote for Reid. It's bad when you can't trust the mob

LA, this is the only one where an upstanding man (a vet) came forward

Always On Watch said...

Slimy, huh?

Z said...

Well, at least now we know, after having read Chuck's post, how Harry Reid made it :-)

THen you have to laugh at the people of Massachusetts, much as I hate to pick on another state any more than my poor state's heaped on by Conservatives at my blog: Massachusetts reelected a guy too dumb to know his male lover was running a call-boy service out of their living room. wow (and they're proud of it, if Ducky is any indication!)

Ticker said...

Well the fraud worked for Reid. Machines that recorded votes for Reid regardless of what the vote was intended. Power going out just at poll closing time and ballots being invalidated, supposedly but I wonder which votes were actually invalidated. Bet you can guess! Did you note how slow the results were coming in from Nevada? The rest of the states were in at least by 80% and Nevada stood at 34%. Come on, what was the problem--Fraud!
Union thugs forcing members to vote "right" and we know what that means.
However it is perhaps a good thing that Reid survived for certainly he will give the Right even more ammunition for 2012.

Chuck said...

AOW, I am going with evil

Z, I've gotta say I would love to CA - it looks like a beautiful state and they obviously have some good people there. They make themselves an easy target though.

Ticker, give 'em a break, they were fabricating ballots as fast as they could.

MK said...

Can it get any sicker? Wait till it's time for president obongo to get reelected for his second term.

You ain't seen nothing yet Chuck.

Chuck said...

MK, sadly you are probably right