Monday, November 22, 2010

DownThe Rabbit Hole We Go

Weekend before last we went to see Alice In Wonderland put on by the kids at our local high school. They did a great job and it was a lot of fun.

There was nothing in it however that was as weird as this

Developers of Mosque Near Ground Zero Seek Federal Funds for Post-9/11 Rebuilding

An application to secure funding from federal 9/11 aid to build a controversial Islamic center two blocks from Ground Zero is drawing fire from critics who decry the move as insensitive.

"In November 2010, Park51 submitted several grant requests to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, a New York state agency. The agency was established to help redevelop Lower Manhattan's economy after the 9/11 attacks," the proposed center, Park51, reports on its website.


I just don't know what to do anymore. Every time you think things have not gone far enough to shit in this country, something like this happens.

Read the article. It is hinted that the application meets the requirement for the grant. Quite frankly, the city could likely be sued if it does not give the money to them.

On top of that, read this at my friend Z's site. Seems that Janet Napolitano is thinking of letting Muslim women pat themselves down. The TSA will frisk middle-aged Caucasian Catholic nuns, small children, men with bladder cancer, and make a woman remove her breast prosthesis, but are going to let MUSLIM women pat themselves down.

Quick quiz. Which of the following groups has flown planes into American buildings

A) middle-aged Caucasian Catholic nuns

B) small children

C) women using their breast prosthesis as WMD's

D) Muslims

Which of these would you allow to frisk themselves before getting on an airplane?


Always On Watch said...


I tell you this: I dread checking the web every day now.

Mustang said...

I have observed this quote is repeated often in the aftermath of TSA-Gate. “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Attributed to Benjamin Franklin, I have been thinking of what life was like in his own day. Of course, Dr. Franklin lived for many years and so I think it is interesting to note the following: while Franklin (and others) relied on this statement during the revolutionary war, Franklin initially penned it in 1755—a period when he most assuredly was not talking about the threat of British troops. In 1755, the world was still a year away from its “real” first world war: The Seven Years’ War. In the colonies, it was perhaps known as the French and Indian Wars.

Terror is terrifying no matter where inflicted, or by whom. Why do the American people allow themselves to be terrified into changing their behavior, or into an acceptance of behavior that was previously abhorrent? In this case, we have an unreasonable fear of terrorism forcing Americans to endure unspeakable abuses to their psyche and person. Fact: in pure numbers, there is no reason for Americans to fear flying because even if three aircraft were blown out of the sky every single day, there are 2,400 flights every day. The chances of such a thing happening to the reader are minuscule. Why should we fear anything unlikely?

What we should be concerned about is the federal government propagating fear in order to exercise its authority and power over the people. Government may wish to disguise their intention by wrapping it in the blanket of racial equality and a desire to avoid racial profiling, but neither of those arguments alters Franklin’s truth or wisdom.

Fact: Americans have a right not to fly. I think they should exercise that right. If everyone refused to fly in aircraft under current circumstances, it wouldn’t be long before the airlines themselves would scream bloody murder. If every Christian, Jew, or agnostic refused to fly based on government’s behavior, it would not be long before the airlines were screaming bloody murder because they cannot make a profit (or pay employees) if only Moslems are flying. The primary issue is for the people to impose their will upon the government, rather than the other way around. I observe that if we are unable to do that on something as simple as whether or not to accept government abuses, we will never be able to impose our will on a congress or administration bent on taking us to a place we do not wish to go.

Ticker said...

Hmm, let's see. They claim that the part of the building that they are requesting the grant money for is not used for religious purposes. Very interesting I suppose if the Baptist church down the street applied for a grant to build a soup kitchen or a wing for their school they would automatically be accepted just like the Muslims after all they can always say that it's not for religious purposes. Ya reckon?

cube said...

Honestly, this kind of news makes the top of my head want to blow off. We can't allow any of this stuff to fly.

Z said...

chuck, check out Ticker's amazing comment at geeez, so fabulous I had to make it a post!

And yes, my friend's been calling this whole political thing ALICE IN WONDERLAND lately...we are SO down the rabbit hole...with nutty snails and worms leading us; like Geo and Barbara Bush on Larry King last night, Sarah Palin is a beautiful girl and they hope she stays in Alaska, but Obama is a 'good and decent' man. What rabbit hole are THEY DOWN?

thanks for the link.......I'm with AOW...and it's why I don't visit blogs quite as eagerly or frequently as I used to: I simply can't take reading outrage after's almost too much.

MK said...

It's just becoming depressing now. Between leftist scum and muslim scum, we're screwed.

How much more must we lose before these bastards are beaten back.

Chuck said...

AOW, it can be scary

Mustang, I have been hearing the argument that we do not need racial profiling. It would be behavioral profiling. I'm not sure why this would be a sticking point. Take the race/religion out of it.

Ticker, you don't really think they would let a Christian church get away with the same thing do you?

Cube, I suspect they're going to get the funding.

Z, great comment. I could go for Ticker's plan

MK, often one and the same

Brooke said...

I just can't get my head around it, Chuck. Just when I think I can't hear anything more insane, I check the internet and BLAM.

I've got to get out of this Mirror Universe.

Chuck said...

Seems like there is always more down