Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's About Time

Teacher Suspended for Kicking Out Student Over Anti-Gay Speech

Read the article.

Basically a teacher in Howell, Michigan kicked a student out of class because the student said he didn't accept gays. The school district in turn suspended the teacher for a day for violating the student's right to free speech.

Something has to give here. This can't be the end of this. The left is not going to tolerate this misuse of free speech rights. Doesn't this school understand that only people on the left have the right to free speech? Don't they realize the only speech that is allowed to be free is speech that has been properly screened by the PC police?

Something needs to be done about this outrage. Too bad there wasn't an African American gay boy in this school, we could have gotten Al Sharpton and the Rev JJJ involved. This would have lent an air of credibility to the whole thing. Sigh.


Z said...
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Z said...

Man, have we become ONE SENSITIVE COUNTRY......the slightest slight and all hell breaks loose.
I'm blaming all ethnicities..I remember my sister came home from her studies in Berkeley one summer and would suddenly have NO MORE of the Polish (or any other REALLY CLEVER ethnic jokes...(some of us still remember those, right?)..."HOW INSENSITIVE"...
I just thought they were wasn't against Poles, who are neither stupid nor ugly enough to actually fit the jokes.
And then we began HYPHENATING... "Polish Americans" "Black Americans"...what slippery slopes...all in the attempt to be SENSITIVE.
This could doesn't "accept" gays so he's suspended.....I wonder if the same teacher would have suspended him for talking about how he "accepted" Jesus. Probably.
He "didn't like the way the conversation was going.." COuldn't the teacher just step in and STOP it instead of suspending him? what a wuss

DaBlade said...

"...he didn't like where the discussion was going"

Don't ask if you don't want him to tell. My question is, wht the he11 was this "discussion" taking place in a high school classroom to begin with?

Chuck said...

Z, this is nothing more than the teacher imposing his values on the student. An everyday happening in schools

DaBlade, conservatives don't get an opinion in schools

~Leslie said...

People have become so mushy that everything offends. Whatever happened to the good ol' fist fight, get up, dust off, and go your separate ways?

Soon we shall not be able to express any opinion, not even what we want for dinner... it may offend the other food groups.

Brooke said...

YET ANOTHER example that the left considers free speech a one-way street!

I am actually AMAZED that the teacher got any sort of discipline at all!

Chuck said...

Leslie, or choose between Pepsi or Coke?

Brooke, they are the only ones that get free speech. I was amazed the teacher was disciplined

Always On Watch said...

Do we know the context of the discussion that led to the boy's comment? As a teacher who often manages heated discussions in the classroom, I'd like to know more details.

Anyway, with older students opinions should be voiced (within the parameters of good taste, of course), and more discussion should ensue. Expelling a student from class over a comment as described here is nonproductive at the minimum.

As one who works with groups of conservative homeschoolers, a leftist student wouldn't stand a chance in discussion because my students are learning how to discuss and debate according to the rules of policy debate.

Always On Watch said...

HERE are more details.

I fail to understand how an econ teacher went off on such a tangent.

cube said...

What passes for education in schools today is surprising to me.

Mustang said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think what this proves is that there is no such thing as too much stupidity.

MK said...

Definitely, it's time someone stood up to the PC thugs, it's not just speech they like that's allowed. If they don't like it, they can always leave the profession.

Chuck said...

AOW, so this POS embarrassed a girl in front of the class because she was wearing a confederate flag belt buckle while he was wearing a shirt in support of gay rights? Liberals are completely insane.

Cube, what allegedly passes as education is more like it

Mustang, it never seems to run out no how much of it is used

MK, agreed