Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Politician For The People

Read this story:

New Castle councilman calls cops on boys' cupcake sale


The basic story is that four middle school boys were selling cupcakes in a town park to become entrepreneurs and this councilman called the police on them for not having a permit.

This man has a great future in politics. If that fails he could get a job at an HMO or some other customer focused industry.


Mustang said...

There is no shortage of nitwits in the world, so while the story does not surprise me, I find the councilman’s mental set incomprehensible. Someone needs to put him down … for the good of the community, of course. He’s in violation of city rules about wearing dog tags.

Ticker said...

He will be next appointed as one of Obama's Czars. Cupcake sale regulatory Czar. Anything anti-free enterprise.

Sam Huntington said...

Now the councilman is whining because he's getting hate mail. I think he wants a do-over. This could prove my overall thesis about politicians. You know, back in the old days when we had a king, it was easy to sort things out. We'd just behead the king and find a new one. We have far too many politicians.

Brooke said...

What is this?!? I've posted on two OTHER such stories, probably within the last month or so!

God forbid we let children be capitalists in the leftist's world.

Hayden said...

We cannot let children grow up to be good capitalists now, that would be a waste of all the brainwashing in public schools.

The councilman has a great future in the progressive party. Those damn kids were probably not even intending to pay self employment taxes, nor business property tax, nor vote for a progressive councilman in the future.

The councilman is a perfect example of the thugs we have in Washington.

Chuck said...

Mustang, impound him

Ticker, a man made for the Obama administration

Sam, these guys used to hide. Now we have Fox and Drudge (and bloggers)

Brooke, that's what I was thinking "teach them to be lazy lay-abouts while they are still young"

Hayden, I bet they weren't even going to join the Obamakare cooperative

shoprat said...

I am just waiting for them to start examining gardens so they can tax that income.

cube said...

Yeah, Ticker is right. He has a future in the Obama administration.

MK said...

That's the way to kill off what makes America the leader it is.

We out here are rife with these bureaucratic pieces of sh!t, they're everywhere, ready to fine you and break any free spirit you have in you at the first chance. Unfortunately they're in place only because of a sheepish populace whose first reaction to any problem is to call for government meddling.

Useless parasites the lot of them.